Diving in Sweden, a sea full of colours! by  Stefan Beskow

Not what you think!Diving Sweden - Grebbestad

For many divers cold water diving in Scandinavia is associated with dark and cold waters, with colours definitely not springing to mind.  Of course there are dive sites like this.  Sometimes also if you’re not paying real attention this might also be correct.  It is true that visibility could never really match the Red Sea, but on a good day you can have 15 meters viz!  But also important is spending some time to look around, bring a good torch I can assure you that you are in for a surprise!  Did we cover cold?  If you wear a dry suit you will definitely not be cold!

The place to go if you are looking for marine life is without doubt the west coast of Sweden and Bohuslän in particular. The salinity of the water here is the highest in Swedish waters and brings out the best living conditions for marine life.  For all you wreck divers out there a visit to the Baltic sea is definitely worthwhile as the low salinity preserves the wrecks very well.

My personal favourites are:


Grebbestad, a jewel that has almost everything. A nice little town, a good dive centre that can cater for every needs when it comes to accommodation and some really nice divespots.

Locate a PADI Dive Shop in Grebbestad

Diving Sweden - Land Grebbestad

Väderöarna, has maybe some of the most diverse marine life in Sweden.

Locate a PADI Dive Shop in Väderöarna

Diving Sweden - squat lobster

Lysekil, is just by the only fiord in Sweden “Gullmarsfjorden” and has also a charming archipelago.

Locate a PADI Dive Shop in Lysekil 

Diving Sweden - Squid

So next time you are in Sweden, try some diving!


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