When talking about depth, sometimes it’s hard to put distances into perspective. We all know 40m is deep, but how deep? That’s why we’ve created this Constant Weight Freediving Depth Comparison Chart. We’ve taken 5 famous man-made structures to show you just how far our bodies are able to take us underwater with nothing but self-control and a set of fins.


PADI Freediver – 30ft / 10m

At the start of your freediving journey you will get to experience the thrill of discovering that your body can do more than you imagined. By learning skills in breath regulation and buddy procedures in the pool, you’ll then dive down to 30ft / 10m in the sea. That’s almost three times the height of Stonehenge!

PADI Advanced Freediver – 65ft / 20m

By taking an advanced course your skill set improves and you should, by the end of the course, be diving to depths of 65ft, or 20m. If you’ve ever seen the Colosseum, that’s almost as high as the second level. Getting to that depth under your own power in one breath is a truly incredible experience. One that becomes, quite rightly, an achievement to be proud of.

PADI Master Freediver – 90ft / 27m

Heading to the heady ‘heights’, or depths, of 90ft / 27m our PADI Master Freediver course takes the rush of pushing your body’s boundaries to the next level. Safely swimming to depths that are almost equivalent to space shuttles is something most people never get to experience.

World Record Constant Weight Freedive – 419.9ft / 129m

In 2016 Alexey Molchanov beat his own record, taking the World Record for Constant Weight Freediving to 419.9ft / 129m. That’s deeper than the whole Colosseum, deeper than the Statue Of Liberty and almost as deep as the Pyramid of Khafre. Imagine standing at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty, knowing that you can swim deeper into the ocean than that massive structure reaches up into the sky.

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