In a stunning display of creativity amidst the winter landscape, Carlos Maldonado, an artist in Iowa City, Iowa in the USA, has crafted a remarkable snow sculpture that’s capturing the attention of locals and art enthusiasts alike.

This isn’t just any snowman; it’s a giant snow shark! The sculpture, which measures 20 feet (1.67 meters) long and 5.5 feet (2 meters) tall, is complete with a meticulously carved mouth and intricately shaped teeth. The artist even colored the shark to make it appear lifelike.

The sheer scale of the sculpture is impressive, transforming the artist’s yard into a “snow ocean.” The level of detail in both the shaping and coloration of the shark is a testament to the artist’s skill and imagination, offering a unique and whimsical take on traditional snow art and allowing us ocean lovers to reminisce about the water and its inhabitants even as we live through the dregs of winter. As residents bundle up against the cold, this snow shark stands as a larger-than-life reminder of the joy and wonder that winter and the ocean can bring.

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