Just as your car requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly, you’ll want to keep up to date on servicing your scuba gear as well – especially if you haven’t been diving with it in a while. As you already know, diving gear is not cheap. So protect your investment by taking proper care and prolonging the life of your gear. Regular maintenance also ensures your gear remains safe to use on each dive.

Follow these quick maintenance tips before heading out on a new diving adventure. BCD

  •  Check both your regulator and your BC in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually once a year.
  • Inspect cylinders annually and receive a hydrostatic test every three to five years.
  • Examine equipment items like masks, fins, regulator hose and snorkels before a dive to find cracks or tears.
  • Check your wetsuit or drysuit for frays, tears or missing stitches. If repairs are needed, bring your exposure suit to a qualified service technician.
  • Test your drysuit’s inflate and vent valves to ensure the suit holds air properly and that the valves don’t leak.

After you dive, follow these helpful maintenance suggestions to prevent damage to your gear.ScubaTanks

  • Rinse gear in fresh, warm water to prevent mildew growth. Use a wetsuit shampoo for your exposure gear.
  • Don’t store your tank when it is either completely full or empty.
  • Pack items like snorkels and fins loosely to keep their shape intact.

Keep in mind that different regions sometimes have different requirements when it comes to gear maintenance. Look up the requirements in your region to ensure you’re following proper protocol.

To learn more about maintaining your equipment and the proper steps you should take before and after each dive, take the Equipment Specialist course and take advantage of the Equipment Specialist Touch, which is a new product designed to give divers information on how to both maintain gear and choose the best pieces to buy.

Also, manage and keep track of all your dive gear by adding to your ScubaEarth Gear Locker. You can track purchase and service dates, serial numbers, etc.

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