Throughout November and December we asked you to submit, and then vote for your favourite local diving destinations. Thank you to all who entered – there were some great local dive sites!

Congratulations to the following winners! Jocelyn Hoon (First Place), Curtis Lahr (Second Place) and Khai Jia Seow (Third Place) have won themselves great scuba gear prizes from BARE Sports.

First place: Jocelyn Hoon

Dive Site/Location: Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia.

Prize: Choice of Men’s or Women’s ELASTEK Wetsuit

As the Divemasters would say, “Nothing here is guaranteed.” Wall diving with a drop of up to 600 meters, Barracuda Point is worth a spot on everyone’s bucket list. With occasional strong currents, a non-visible ocean bottom and many many things to see, you would be crazy not to dive here at least once. Giant bumpheads usually patrol the area, as do the massive school of jacks and the barracuda vortex. Though not everyday, there are the occasional visits from hammerheads, leopard sharks and manta rays – all of which I have been fortunate to see during my few months here. But forget about all things big, there are also plenty of reef fish (big & small) and other marine life which you would absolutely enjoy watching. The green turtles are gentle & friendly and the white tip sharks just go about their own business. Sometimes even, the batfish can swim right past you and you would have to stop getting in their way. In true honesty, this dive site never seems to disappoint – there will always be something different to see, even if you do dive here everyday. As the dive masters would also say, “At Barracuda Point, every dive can be a different dive.”

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Second place: Curtis Lahr

Dive Site/Location: Minnesota’s Iron Range, United States of America

Prize: BARE Duo B Mask, a BARE Fastback Fins and a BARE Dry Top Snorkel

Located in northeastern Minnesota, it is home to excellent and unique diving opportunities.

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Third place: Khai Jia Seow

Dive Site/Location: Rogers Wreck, Salang Jetty, Chebeh. Tioman Island, Malaysia.

Prize: BARE Frameless Mask, a BARE Fastback Fins MSRP and a BARE Semi Dry Snorkel

Good visibility over 15 meters makes Tioman Island Malaysia one of the most popular scuba diving destinations. The reefs of Tioman are home to a wide variety of marine life, including sea turtles, barracuda, nudibranchs, eel, and countless tropical fish. The vividly colored corals create a spectacular underwater landscape to navigate around.

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