There is more to diving than meets the eye. While you must know your way around a tank, there are many other aspects that you will become more familiar with the more frequently you dive. It helps to have a number of skills that at first glance you may not assume have anything to do with the quality of your dive. Whether you are venturing out to sea with a guided group or you are exploring the open waters with one or two other divers, it is important to know a few things about knots. As a highly valued skill in sailing, it is no surprise that it comes up so frequently in diving situations as well. Tying down the boat to a mooring or laying a penetration line for a wreck dive are just a few examples of when you may want to know how to tighten up these 5 knots.

Bowline KnotBowline Knot
The “every knot.” A bowline creates a reliable but easily untied loop. If you have time to master only one type of knot, put your skills into the bowline.

Sheet Bend
If you have two ropes but need to make one long rope, this simple bend allows you to join two or more similar ropes.

Two Half Hitches Knot
Good for tying a mooring line to a post or ring (or a tree, even), this knot is especially useful because it can be tied one-handed.

Cinching Line WrapCinching Line Wrap
Interested in a more complicated one? This is an intermediate tie for your guideline cave/wreck diving. A cinching line wrap can even be released without affecting the line.

Trucker’s Hitch
Some times you have to batten down the hatches and tie down the cargo over choppy waters. The trucker’s hitch is ideal for cinching down a load.

Download the PADI App and visit the Tools section to view animated instructions for tying these knots while you’re on the go. After a bit of practice you will certainly feel confident in your knot-tying skills.

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