Long haul flying isn’t something most people relish, but with a plan in place, it’s bearable. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 long-haul flight tips to help you arrive refreshed and ready to dive:

  • A Travel Wrap – You can buy a cheap one or a cashmere one, but this is a top must-have. It can also doubles as an evening wrap on a chilly evening.
  • A Massage Ball- it’s important to keep moving and keep your circulation going on the plane. Flight socks are a good idea, but we also recommend taking a massage ball. Roll it around under your feet or pop it behind your shoulders for an instant in-flight massage.
  • Ear Plugs – these are the best. Get some to fit your ear for the plane, and you might also find they are beneficial on your liveaboard or in your dive resort, too.
  • Herbal Sleep Aid – If you have trouble sleeping on planes, try an herbal sleep aid or tea. Some people find Melatonin works for them, too.
  • Fluffy Sleeping Socks – Essential for comfort on an air-conditioned flight. Fluffy sleep socks work way better than the ones airlines often provide, and they are super toasty.
  • A Quick Dry Towel – Some flights include stops where you’ll have time to grab a shower. These towels take up little space and dry super quick.
  • Skincare Travel Products – Natural skin care which smells divine can be a great treat on a long flight.
  • Travel Pillow – Get a comfortable pillow to catch some zzz’s on your flight.
  • Essential Oil Relaxation Rolls – Get a roll-on full of chamomile and lavender to help you relax.
  • Eye Mask – Standard airline issues are always too tight and scratchy, but you can order a fancier version online to block out light and help you sleep on the plane.

Add to that list an iPad for movie watching, music listening, journal writing and to make sure you get some quiet time to yourself. Have we missed anything off the list?

So, are you ready to put these jet lag, long-haul travel tips to the test? Book your next long-haul destination on PADI Travel!

This blog was originally written by Jackie Hutchings and published on the Diviac Magazine.

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