This Valentine’s Day, join us in unraveling the tales of six couples whose love deepened beneath the waves. These PADI-certified divers discovered extraordinary connections in the ocean’s embrace. From surprise proposals in Roatan’s azure waters to serendipitous encounters on cruise ships, their stories speak of finding a Connection Unfiltered beneath the waves. Happy Valentine’s Day from the heart of the sea!

A couple of divers underwater hold a "just engaged" sign

Scuba Proposal in Roatan, Honduras

Matt and Kasey, from Hoboken, NJ in the USA, celebrated their one-year anniversary with a scuba diving trip to Roatan, Honduras to get Open Water Diver certified. Under the guidance of their instructor, Val, they mastered the skills needed for scuba certification. Little did Kasey know, the highlight awaited them on their final dive. Matt surprised her 40 feet (12 meters) underwater with a treasure chest containing a diamond ring. With bubbles of joy, Kasey said yes, capturing the moment with a slate sign. They completed their certification, encountered sea life, and, certified and engaged, celebrated at Sundowners Bar.

Couple: Matt and Kasey

“I had truly no idea Matt would propose on this trip, let alone on the 5th day, so my shock surfaced in the form of muffled laughs and screams of joy, and lots and lots of bubbles.”

A couple's hands underwater. The woman is wearing a ring.

Love Blooms on a Cruise Ship

A Colombian doctor and Turkish engineer, both seeking a change, found love while working on a Carnival cruise in February 2022. Despite differing backgrounds, their shared passion for water drew them together. On a snorkeling excursion in Varadero, Cuba, the engineer surprised the doctor with a heartfelt underwater proposal. Overwhelmed with joy, she gladly accepted, grateful to spend her life with her dearest friend and deepest love.

Couple: Sara and Mehmet

“He always says that I’m his dearest friend and deepest love, and I’m the happiest woman to spend the rest of my life with the man I love.”

Two divers pose for the camera next to underwater statues

Dive Travel Love Story

Julieta and Esteban, adventurous globetrotters from Argentina, discovered their love for scuba diving eight years ago. Starting in Koh Tao, they explored the underwater world in New Zealand, Germany, and, eventually, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Both became Divemasters, working together on a liveaboard, sharing the wonders beneath the waves. Their journey continued in Mexico, diving in Mahahual, and solidifying their bond as a couple who loves diving.

Couple: Julieta and Esteban

“To have found a person who you can share your life with is a blessing, but to have found someone that also shares your passion, it’s beyond words.”

A couple poses together on the deck of a boat

Dive Shop Love

Mathew and Megan’s love story began in a PADI dive shop in St. Louis. During separate Divemaster classes, they met underwater, initially unaware of each other. A chance encounter in the pool led to laughter, coffee, and, eventually, dates. After becoming Divemasters, they embraced a life of diving together worldwide, from Yap and Palau to Cuba. They continue to work part-time at their local dive shop, grateful to PADI for bringing them together.

Couple: Mathew and Megan

“If we ever get on The Newlywed Game or something similar, there’s no doubt we will get the question about where we met right: We really did meet underwater!”

A couple poses under a Bonaire sign

From Divemaster to Life Partner

Nicole, a PADI Instructor, found love with a Divemaster candidate she worked with. After assisting each other on dives, they discovered a deeper connection. Their friendship blossomed into a relationship, and on the day he completed his Divemaster requirements, they became a couple. Now, after sharing adventures around the globe, they are eloping on a dive trip, preparing to start a new chapter together.

Couple: Nicole and Mitch

“He finished his Divemaster requirements and became my boyfriend the day he turned in his paperwork.”

A couple takes a selfie in a dive shop

Love Beneath the Waves

Scuba diving transformed Natalia’s life, leading her to Aqaba, Jordan, where she met Ismael at Coral Garden Diving Center. Their shared passion for the underwater world strengthened their bond. From teaching courses to marine biology presentations, they supported each other’s careers. In the Maldives, surrounded by reef sharks and stingrays, Ismael proposed, sealing their love. Now married, they continue teaching in Aqaba, sharing their passion with others.

Couple: Natalia and Ismael

“Thank you, Ismail, for the most happy 5 years of my life and happy Valentine’s Day. I am so glad that diving brought you into my life.”

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