This Earth Day, we were thrilled to collaborate with Xiaomi, a global leader in technology, to promote environmental sustainability and marine conservation. Recognizing the urgent need for collective action to address climate change and protect our oceans, PADI and Xiaomi joined forces to make a meaningful impact.

an ocean clean up in Thailand conducted by PADI and Xiaomi

PADI + Xiaomi = A Shared Vision for Sustainability

As climate change continues to affect ecosystems worldwide, PADI is dedicated to fostering environmental stewardship through proactive initiatives.

On Earth Day 2024 (April 22nd), we participated in our second collaboration with Xiaomi, inviting Xiaomi Fans from around the globe to participate in marine conservation activities. In Thailand and Malaysia, we also organized beach cleanup events where participants, guided by PADI Instructors, collected 40kg (88 lbs) of marine debris. One participant reflected, “Participating in this beach cleanup was a profound experience, making me contemplate the impact of waste on our marine environment.”

an ocean clean up in Thailand conducted by PADI and Xiaomi


To extend the reach of this activation, Xiaomi also launched the #ShoringupwithXiaomi campaign, encouraging users worldwide to share ocean-related photos and stories on social media. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation and inspire individuals to become Torchbearers for our oceans.

Eddie Huang, Country Manager for Xiaomi Malaysia and Singapore, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, “In collaboration with PADI, the event marks a significant step towards ocean conservation. It’s inspiring to witness our Xiaomi fans coming together to make a positive impact on our planet.”

Yan Lou, President of PADI China, echoed this sentiment, “Celebrating this collaborative effort with Xiaomi underscores our shared commitment to environmental stewardship and the protection of our oceans.”

an ocean clean up in Thailand conducted by PADI and Xiaomi

Join the Movement

We invite you to join in our efforts to protect the marine environment. Share your photos and stories on social media using #ShoringupwithXiaomi and #PADI to become part of the global movement for marine conservation.

By participating in marine conservation activities and spreading the word, you can contribute to a healthier planet and ensure a brighter future for our oceans. Let’s work together to make a lasting impact on Earth Day and beyond. Click the button below to find a conservation activity near you.

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