In countries around the world, nightfall on Halloween means spooky celebrations, costumes and lots of tasty treats. For divers looking to take their hobby to a whole new level, nightfall opens doors to new underwater worlds just begging to be explored. The best part? Night diving is an option any day of the year, if you have the right training, equipment and skills.

Night-Diving-PADIEven your favorite dive spots look different in the night when unique creatures emerge as the moon pierces the water’s surface. Armed with a dive light and other key equipment, you’ll be ready for adventure and new discoveries. But before you head out to submerge under the twilight, grow your scuba knowledge and be prepared by taking the PADI Night Diver Course.

The night diver specialty course is perfect for those looking to explore waters during the evening hours. In this course you’ll learn:

  • Night dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and potential problems.
  • How to control your buoyancy at night.
  • Entries, exits and underwater navigation at night.
  • Nocturnal aquatic life – since many of the plants and animals you’ll see are different than during the daylight hours.

A treat for the eyes, seemingly costumed creatures emerge only when the sun is down, meaning night divers see and experience things that other divers may never be exposed to. Try it once, and you’ll be in awe, but don’t be surprised if night diving becomes your next addiction.

The night is calling – whether you’re diving close to home or preparing for an upcoming vacation, the PADI Night Diver Course is the gateway to new and exciting adventures under the water.

Find out more about the PADI Night Diver Course and locate a PADI Dive Shop today.  

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