If you were a shark, what kind of shark would you be? Take our quiz below to find out.

Where is your favorite place to be?

A. Reefs, mangroves, anywhere shallow
B. I don’t have a favorite place, I like to explore
C. Near the coast, I’m good with temperate or tropical temps
D. Anywhere there are lots of seals
E. I like warm shallow water, but sometimes I go deep
F.  Anywhere tropical: Hawai’i, the Coral Triangle, the Caribbean, etc.

When there are a lot of people around, how do you act?

A. Bring on the snuggle party
B. I’m used to being alone, I can be aggressive around people
C. I’m shy around strangers, but I’m okay at family gatherings
D. I’m curious about people
E. I’ll hang around for a little while, then I’ll leave
F. People don’t bother me, I’m very mellow 

Do you like to travel?

A. Not a lot
B. I like island-hopping
C. If it gets too warm in summer I may travel somewhere cooler
D. Yes, I am an ocean explorer
E. Sometimes you just need to disappear for a few months
F. Not usually, but I may return to the beach where I was born

Are you a good swimmer?

A. Why swim when you can sleep?
B. I’m not the fastest, but I’m in the top five
C. I can swim in a corkscrew, is that good?
D. Yes, wanna see?
E. I can outswim humans when I want to, but I’m not the fastest shark
F. I can swim long distances, but not very fast

What kind of seafood do you like to eat?

A. Conchs, sea urchins and squid
B. I see food, I eat it. Sometimes I eat things that aren’t technically food
C. Bony fish, squid and rays
D. Sea lions, seals, rays, sometimes other sharks
E. Plankton
F. Fish are friends, not food!

Underwater, where do you like to hang out?

A. Around the bottom
B. I spend more time in murky water compared to other sharks
C. In a big group with other sharks like me
D. When I was younger, close to shore. As an adult, I roam around.
E. I spend most of my time in shallow water
F.  I like shallow spots, you may even find me sunbathing

When you encounter something unexpected, what do you do?

A. Lie still and hope it doesn’t see me
B. Probably eat it
C. Swim in the opposite direction
D. Bump it with my nose
E. Usually swim away
F. Ignore it, if it gets too close I might swim away

If you weren’t a shark, what would you be?

A. House cat
B. Tiger
C. Zebra
D. Saltwater crocodile
E. Blue whale
F. Tortoise

Tally up the number of A answers, B answers and so on. Refer to the list below to discover what shark most closely fits your personality.

Mostly A’s  – Nurse shark

Mostly B’s– Tiger shark

Mostly C’s – Scalloped hammerhead

Mostly D’s – Great white shark

Mostly E’s – Whale shark

Mostly F’s – You are not a shark. You are a green sea turtle

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