AWARE Week may only be one week a year, but the threats to our ocean, local waterways, and marine life are ongoing. Fortunately, divers have the unique ability to help preserve and protect the underwater world. By making every dive count, saying “no” to single-use plastics and sharing conservation messages, divers can promote positive change.

Become a Specialist in Saving the Ocean

Featuring a hands-on digital PADI eLearning experience and workshops to teach you the 10 in-depth tips to save the ocean, the PADI AWARE Specialist course dismantles the barriers between diving and conservation, making the step towards responsible marine conservation accessible to all.

The PADI AWARE Specialist course can be taken virtually online or in person. The course also counts toward the elite Master Scuba Diver™  rating.

A special thank you to Blancpain, the strategic partner of the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action.

Dive Against Debris divers collecting trash underwater

Make #EveryDiveaSurveyDive

Carry a mesh bag to collect any debris you encounter while diving and report what you find using the convenient Dive Against Debris® App. Every report provides valuable data for marine conservation advocates.

Debris heavier than 10Ibs/4kg should not be removed without a lift bag. Picking up and carrying heavy items using your personal buoyancy puts you at risk for an uncontrolled ascent if you drop the item. Lift bags require special training, so ask your PADI® Instructor about getting trained as part of the PADI Search and Recovery Specialty.

Furthermore, a dive knife is another useful tool for eco-conscious divers. Use it to remove fishing nets and protect yourself from entanglement. Choose a knife with a blunt tip; it’s less likely to puncture you or your gear and better for prying things free.

Learn more about essential dive gear for conservationists.

Enjoy Marine Life Responsibly

When exploring the underwater world, make sure you follow the do’s and don’ts of marine life interactions. Dr. Claire Petros, a featured guest at the LUX Underwater Festival during AWARE Week 2018, shared her advice on diving and snorkeling with turtles. She reminds divers that respectful interactions reduce stress on the animal and can extend the amount of time you get to spend with them.

marine life interactions

Follow Ocean Conservationists and Share Their Posts

Even when you’re not diving, you can advocate for positive change. Keep up to date by following PADI AWARE® on Facebook and Instagram and sharing their posts. You can also follow conservationists who are passionate about your favorite issues such as: Cristina Zenato the shark whisperer, the Rigs2Reef team Blue Latitudes, or “her deepness” Sylvia Earle’s non-profit Mission Blue on Instagram, or follow her on Facebook.

Say No to Single Use Plastic

Join thousands of fellow divers who have pledged to say “no” to single-use plastic bags, straws and water bottles. If you’re already part of the movement, share a campaign to reduce plastic use with friends and family or on social media, and invite them to sign a pledge. Together we can create a cleaner ocean.

Start or Join a Conservation Community

One of the key tenets of PADI AWARE and AWARE Week is local action for global impact. After all, conservation begins in your local community. Begin by having a look for conservation groups in your area that you might join. Remember that all conservation action has an impact on the environment, whether it’s ocean based or not.

If there isn’t a conservation group near you, consider starting one and getting your community involved. Ask your favorite restaurant or shop to join you in your efforts. Together, you can bring the community together and bring conservation awareness to your area.

Choose Sustainable Seafood

As a consumer, you get to choose where you spend your hard-earned money. By picking fish or other seafood that is sustainably caught in a way that does not threaten the ocean with overfishing or bycatch, you can have an impact on the health of the ocean. Websites like The Seafood Watch offer up-to-date seafood recommendations, seafood guides, and restaurants and stores nearby that serve ocean-friendly seafood.


Support the conservation efforts of PADI AWARE through a one-time or recurring donation. Or, celebrate a personal achievement by creating a fundraising challenge. Your fundraiser can be tied to an athletic event or even a birthday. If you can’t donate, dive with a 100% AWARE Partner dive center or instructor or seek out a PADI Eco Center. These dedicated individuals and businesses choose to support ocean protection with every dive certification.

divers with an adopt the blue flag underwater

Looking for more ways to help support the protection of our oceans? Become a PADI Torchbearer by taking the Save the Ocean Pledge. PADI Torchbearers are a growing community of ocean advocates taking action above and below the surface. Restoring balance between humanity and nature will take all of us working together. Click the button below to join the movement.

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