You already know that seals are adorably cute and easy-going, but what else do you know about these beloved creatures?

Some of them may surprise you, and they may even cause you to fall in love with the popular animal even more!

1) You can find seals in various climates ranging from Polar Regions to tropical waters.

2) There are over 30 species of seals that have been identified. The largest species is the elephant seal, which can grow to be 13 feet in length.

3) Seals are carnivores and detect their prey by sensing vibrations with their whiskers.

4) Seals are able to live in cold-weather climates because they have a thick layer of blubber that acts as insulation.

5) Unlike dolphins or whales, seals go on shore to give birth. They also nurse their young on shore.

6) Their bodies are able to store oxygen, which allows them to dive deeper and for longer time periods. For example, seals are able to dive 1,000 feet to find food.

7) Although many people think of seals as being lazy, they actually have a playful side which many divers have witnessed firsthand. If you see a seal while diving, let it come to you. Seals like to play, but should also not be pursued or chased.

hawaiin monk seal

Now that you’ve learned more about the seal, it’s time to actually see one in person.

To learn where the best dive locations for seeing seals are, contact your local PADI Dive Shop.

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