What are your diver resolutions for 2020? Still kicking ideas around? Let me suggest joining me in a Seek Adventure; Save the Ocean resolution to have at least 20 dive adventures, take at least 20 actions to preserve and protect the seas, and to personally invite at least 20 people to be Torchbearers who do the same.

This “20 in 2020” Torchbearer resolution differs from a lot of typical new year resolutions in three ways. First, unlike a lot of New Year resolutions, it’s one we can really keep because we’ll want to. Every 17 or 18 days (on average), we make a cool dive, do something to protect the ocean, and invite someone to do it with us. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Second, this resolution really makes a difference. It’s good for you because adventures and adventure sports help us grow personally by (among other things) broadening our perspectives, teaching us new skills, promoting our inner well-being and developing our adaptability. It’s good for the world because going greener, gathering and sharing marine data and encouraging protective activism are essential for a preferred version of our environmental future. It’s good for society because diving enhances people’s lives with personal benefits, and adds to the number of those making and advocating the essential changes the ocean needs. Considering what diving offers, it’s a bit selfish to not share it, don’t you think?

Third, it’s really satisfying, fun and rewarding. Have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too isn’t common, but here it is. As Torchbearers for the ocean we can do a lot of good and have a great time doing it. Here are some ideas to get your twenty in 2020 going:

Seek Adventure.

Save the Ocean.

Share the Adventure. Share the Ocean.

  • Photo/video your dives and post the what/why/where of your adventures on social media.
  • Similarly, post links to promote esigning petitions, pledges and campaigns to protect the seas.
  • Next time you visit your local PADI dive operation, take along that “he/she-ought to-be-a-Torchbearer” for a personal introduction.
  • Even better, become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and share diving and environmental consciousness directly as an influencer and Torchbearer.
  • Volunteer for adaptive scuba for divers with special challenges. As part of the Pillars of Change, the PADI family is committed to healing and wellness through diving. One way we do this is by helping those with physical or mental challenges who would benefit get into diving, and by supporting organizations and dive centers that specialize in this. These dive centers always need volunteers, so reach out – you’ll never forget the lives you change.

Have a great start to great diving in 2020. Seek adventure. Save the ocean. Join us and commit to being a Torchbearer.

Dr. Drew Richardson

PADI President & CEO

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