The oceans are a magical place. Most divers know that once you take the plunge, you are thrust into a completely different world. The rules of gravity change, colours take on a different look and the creatures are unlike anything seen on land. One marine creature that has captivated humans for years is the dolphin.

These intelligent mammals live in various waters all across the world, but whenever a diver sees one it never fails to inspire awe. People are drawn to the inquisitive and playful nature of dolphins. The animals are very lively and extremely intelligent, too. Research indicates that they are the one of the most intelligent species on the planet, possibly second only to humans. Dolphins of all species live and travel in pods. They are very social creatures and have close bonds with their fellow pod members. It is believed that they use these groups for both protection and as a tool for hunting.


Where Are the Best Places to Dive With dolphins?

If you are planning a destination dive and want to ensure that you will be able to swim with the dolphins while you are there, you’ll be sure to find them in any of the below locations:

Hawaii- Waikaki- Beach

Tips for Diving With Dolphins

Most dolphins will not hesitate to approach humans, so it’s best to be aware of a few tips to ensure a positive encounter between the diver and the dolphin. They may be very alluring and intriguing, but dolphins are still wild creatures – you want to make sure you take every measure to keep both parties safe.

  • Always listen to the instruction of your dive guide or leader.
  • Don’t feed the dolphins. As with any wild animal, it teaches them to rely on handouts rather than to hunt for their own prey.
  • Look around from all angles. Dolphins may be swimming above or below you.
  • As much as you may want to touch a dolphin, don’t chase them. Let them come to you.

To find other dolphin viewing locations you can use the ScubaEarth Critter Finder. You will be able to locate the best areas to see all of your favorite creatures up close and personal with just the click of a button. You can also locate a PADI Dive Shop here.

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