In the world of pizza delivery, there are countless tales of dedicated drivers but what about dedicated divers? That’s right, there’s actually an underwater pizza delivery man – talk about a unique job description! You’re probably wondering how can pizza even be delivered underwater? Well, meet Rob Doyle, the extraordinary pizza delivery expert who has perfected the art of delivering hot and fresh pizzas to an exclusive underwater hotel. That hotel is known as Jules’ Undersea Lodge, located about 21 feet (6.5 meters) below the surface in Key Largo, Florida.

How the Pizza Gets Delivered

At first glance, delivering pizza underwater seems like an impossible task. Yet, Rob has solved this challenge! He utilizes a specially designed water-tight briefcase, like a Pelican case, to secure the pizzas. Once the pizzas are carefully placed inside the container, Rob straps them onto his scuba gear. This ensures that the delicious cargo remains intact during the journey.

When it’s time for a pizza delivery, Rob navigates through the underwater world until he reaches the airlock under the structure of Jules’ Undersea Lodge. The water-tight container serves its purpose, preserving the pizzas in their hot and dry state throughout the trip. The trickiest bit is compensating the weight he wears to account for the pizza and the air inside the container.

Diver getting scuba gear ready.

What It’s Like Eating Pizza Underwater

Jules’ Undersea Lodge itself is no ordinary establishment. Having served as a full-service hotel for over 25 years, it offers a unique and captivating experience for its guests. All guests are treated to the surreal ambiance of the underwater world, surrounded by marine life and tranquility throughout their stay. Can you imagine the combination of relaxing in bed, eating pizza, and watching fish swim by? It’s a culinary adventure that truly transcends the ordinary, leaving visitors with unforgettable memories!

Dive professionals making their way back to the boat.

Unique Possibilities for Scuba Diving Jobs

In the end, Rob doesn’t just deliver pizzas. He is an integral part of the underwater hotel, maintaining and making sure everything operates correctly. As a certified PADI Scuba Instructor, Rob is very well trained for underwater living and exploration.

Start your journey and become a PADI Pro to unlock a world full of unique possibilities, just like Rob did! Interested in learning about other unique scuba jobs? Here is a collection of some of our favorite scuba careers.

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