In recent times, the internet has become flooded with articles, influencers and companies focused on conservation and preserving the planet. It has never been easier to educate yourself on the topics, and to find out how you can help preserve ocean (and planet) health. You can follow bloggers and Instagrammers that purely focus on the environment and how we can help save it, and you don’t have to scroll far down your Facebook feed to see someone sharing a video or an article on how important it is. But some have started to say that it’s becoming a bit too much.

Once before I have shared how diving opened my eyes to a whole new world of conservation, and luckily, more and more people are opening their eyes to it too. With this post, I want to share with you why “all this conservation talk” is just as important now as ever before.

Animal and marine life are still suffering the consequences

As mentioned, you’ve probably seen a ton of videos shared of people helping turtles by removing pieces of plastic they are caught in, or people picking up trash from a beach. Simply by seeing these videos we learn why conservation is still such a necessary focus point today, as most of these videos are posted pretty much immediately after they were taken (give or take a few days). This means that animals and aquatic life are still being affected by our (poor) previous choices, and so it is vital that we understand that this is still an issue.

We don’t know all the consequences yet

Even though some may feel as if we are reaching a high point with all this focus on the environment and the consequences of the way we have been using the planet and its resources for the past decades (or centuries), it is as important as ever as we still do not know all the consequences of it. In 2019 the necessity for scientific programs and studies of the impact we have on the world are both still vital in order to find out more about how we can prevent it and make better choices in the future.

Conservation talk - plastic whale

There are still a lot of people who refuse to accept it

This one should have been first, as it is probably the most important reason why there can never be enough conservation talk. Simply put, there are still way too many people who won’t accept how we are affecting forests, animals and biodiversity with our actions. But, by continuing to talk about it and putting it out there, there are bigger chances that they will eventually see the light.

About the Author:

Lisa Stentvedt is a travel blogger and writer from Norway. Follow her adventures on her blog Fjords and Beaches and on Instagram.

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