There’s pretty much a script for Valentine’s Day, and it’s limited to flowers, candy and dinners out, right? Nope. Far from it.  If your honey is a diver, he or she is going to be much more stoked about a gesture connected to the water. For suggestions on ways to bring the romance to your next dive, read on.

Give a Gift

Underwater proposals are only gaining in popularity—but a diamond isn’t the only gift you can present underwater. Sure, jewelry or the like is nice, but you can also bring down lots of other gifts on a dive. If you’re ready to take the next step and give her or him a key to your place, you can certainly do so underwater. Or, if your present is too big, you can snap a photo of it and carry the photo in a plastic bag for a big reveal during your bottom time.

Say it Underwater

We’ve all used underwater slates or etch-a-sketches. But, have you used them for romance? One option is to write on the slate whatever you’d write on a Valentine’s Day card. Or write a poem. Or simply ask him or her to dinner—you’re guaranteed to get a smile when you ask in such a creative way.

Say it With Music

This one doesn’t cost anything! If your dive boat has a sound system (and many do), ask the captain if he or she will play ‘your song’ after the dive. It’s a nice touch to let your person know that you’ve been thinking about them and wanted to make the day special.

Book an Underwater Photo Session

Underwater photographers are increasingly offering underwater photoshoots. This could mean heading to a pool and doing a couple’s shoot in a flowy dress or other fancy garb, or it could mean bringing a shooter along on your next dive to document the two of you sharing what you love most.

Bring Your Partner’s Favorite Treat

After the dive, you may want to bring a special snack for the two of you. Maybe cheese and crackers. Maybe his or her favorite dessert—cannoli? Brownies? You could also be a hit with everyone on the dive boat and bring enough to share.

This also works after a shore dive: Set up a picnic and blanket and stay for lunch or watch the sunset. (tip: if you need to rinse off first, keep a few gallons of fresh water in your car for a super fast shower).

Treat Him to New Gear

If your loved one is a diver, of course he or she will geek out over a new piece of gear. You could gift it on the boat—but better still, swap it out with their old gear if it’s something like a regulator. Or, if it’s a new knife, compass, rash guard or fins, you could simply hide it in their dive bag and wait for their reaction.

Get Closer

When in doubt, keep it simple and just hold hands. Taking a dive with hands clasped is really no different than doing the same on the sidewalk—just different scenery. And, the result is the same: We let our friend or partner know the simple truth that we enjoy their company and like keeping them close.

Or take them to a heart shaped sculpture underwater. Photo: Jack Fishman
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