These eco-friendly dive resorts with associated PADI Eco Centers are committed to protecting and bettering the destinations divers are traveling to see. We all want a dive holiday we can feel good about. It’s easy to achieve this when staying at resorts whose policies and infrastructure are designed to be as low impact as possible in order to help the local marine life thrive in their natural habitats.

Want to make a difference on your next holiday? Choose a PADI Dive Resort that champions sustainable practices, cultivates environmental awareness, empowers local communities and protects marine life.

Scroll down for the best eco-friendly resorts to visit, regardless of whether or not you dive!

What Makes a Resort Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly dive resorts are designed with sustainability in mind – both above and below the surface. They’ll usually hone practices and features that help protect the marine environment while ensuring the local land is as unaffected as possible by their presence. Or better yet, they provide a positive impact on the local environment, creating a regenerative tourism destination!

Involvement With Local Marine Initiatives

Eco-friendly dive resorts that have onsite initiatives for ocean conservation are often located near marine protected areas. They may work closely with local organizations to either help fund or physically assist with marine protection efforts.


Self-sufficiency or zero waste is a good thing to look for when choosing an eco-friendly resort for your next trip. This means that the resort either creates all its own energy and grows its own food or offsets any waste and energy use. This reduces the impact of the resort on the topside and marine environments.

PADI Eco Center Status

Introduced in 2023, the PADI Eco Center designation recognizes dive centers that go above and beyond when it comes to being environmentally friendly. To qualify, dive centers need to be a Green Fins member, participate in the PADI AWARE Adopt the Blue program and make a continuous effort to become more sustainable. Look for a dive resort with an affiliated PADI Eco Center to know your diving dollars are making a difference.

A woman makes a heart symbol with her hands while sitting on the edge of a boat next to an Egyptian flag

Il Mercato Hotel & Spa, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Known as one of the closest warm water diving destinations to the UK and much of Europe, divers head to the Red Sea in Egypt for colorful reefs and wreck dives at renowned sites like The Canyon and the SS Thistlegorm. And, divers who want to ensure their holidays are regenerative should head to Il Mercato Hotel & Spa where they can dive with PADI Eco Center Circle Divers. The dive center is built on the idea that the cyclical path of nature should be protected. At ll Mercato Hotel & Spa, guests can enjoy luxurious room and a series of indoor and outdoor pools when they aren’t diving.

Blanco Beach Resort, Malapascua Island, Philippines

Located in the “thresher shark capital of the world”, Blanco Beach Resort offers beachfront, island vibes on a small, tropical island. Their associated dive center, PADI Eco Center Thresher Shark Divers, is one of the most eco-friendly dive centers in the world, according to Green Fins rankings. This dive center goes above and beyond to incorporate sustainable practices into its operations, from refusing to use single-use plastics to improving the boats they use to decrease emissions. Dives in Malapascua offer a variety of environments to explore, from the deep thresher shark dive to the mandarinfish night dive and macro diving in between. This is a world-class diving destination.

an aerial view of Six Senses Laamu, one of the most eco-friendly dive resorts

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

The only resort on the remote Laamu Atoll, Maldives, Six Senses achieves its goal of being a self-sufficient, zero-waste resort committed to eco-adventures, from diving with mantas to witnessing sea turtle hatchings. Six Senses works in conjunction with three partner NGOs, including the Manta Trust, to reach research goals. The resort also donates back to the community, including 25 water purification systems, to help make the surrounding environment a better place for all.

diving with sea lions in Argentina with PADI Eco Center Buceo Hoy

Rayentray Puerto Madryn Hotel, Argentina

Rayentray Puerto Madryn Hotel in Argentina has partnered with Buceo Hoy – Dive Today dive center to offer eco-centric diving holidays. The dive center is the first and only PADI Eco Center in South America. During their diving experience with this dive center, divers can anticipate unparalleled underwater adventures while diving with sea lions and exploring sunken wrecks. With a team of expert instructors, top-quality equipment, and a state-of-the-art boat, this dive center guarantees a memorable and secure underwater experience for all.

an aerial shot showing the coastline near white grass ocean resort in Vanuatu

White Grass Ocean Resort, Vanuatu

White Grass Ocean Resort in Vanuatu and its onsite dive center, Volcano Island Divers, exemplify eco-friendly diving at its finest. As the first PADI Eco Center in Melanesia, Volcano Island Divers leads in promoting sustainable and responsible diving practices, highlighting their dedication to preserving the underwater environment. The resort’s unique position on Tanna Island offers guests unparalleled access to both the island’s pristine ecosystems and its spectacular marine biodiversity. The synergy between the resort and dive center not only enriches guests’ experiences but also fosters a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and ecological importance of the South Pacific’s marine life, making it a premier destination for eco-conscious divers worldwide.

An aerial view of Meridian Adventure Dive Resort in Raja Ampat Indonesia

Meridian Adventure, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Venture into the Coral Triangle at Meridian Adventure Dive Resort in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Known as the epicenter of marine diversity, Raja Ampat is currently one of the most popular diving destinations around the world, and Meridian Adventure ensures the divers who visit this area have an ecotourism operator to provide for all their diving needs. Just a few of the eco-conscious practices found at this dive resort include custom-built, low-emission dive boats and an onsite rainwater filtration systems!

two manta rays swim over a coral reef near Ceningan Divers dive resort, one of the most eco-friendly resorts in Bali, Indonesia and the entire world.

Ceningan Divers, Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is host to some of the best marine diversity on the entire planet. From mantas and pygmy seahorses to over 100 different varieties of coral, it is an eco haven that words or photos simply cannot do justice. As an award-winning Green Fins Operator and a 100% AWARE Partner, Ceningan Divers in Bali attracts visitors from all over the planet who want to make their dives count in this paradise. The resort has banned the use of all single-use plastics and a dedicated marine biologist frequently teaches a variety of AWARE speciality courses for guests. In addition, the resort staff often organizes clean-ups of the local beaches and mangroves.

Compass Point Dive Resort pool in the Cayman Islands

Compass Point Dive Resort, Cayman Islands

Compass Point Dive Resort in the Cayman Islands is home to an onsite PADI Eco Center, Ocean Frontiers, Ltd. This resort is protected from nearby noise and light pollution, thanks to its distance from the airport, nightlife, and the island’s capital. As a result, Compass Point is about as serene as it gets in the Cayman Islands! Additionally, with just 28 rooms, this resort offers a personal getaway. In the surrounding Caribbean Sea, divers can explore walls, reefs and wrecks, which are often frequented by loggerhead and hawksbill turtles!

Ready to dive into an eco-friendly holiday? Check out these resorts and others that are committed to protecting the environment on PADI Travel.

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