As divers, we know how to plan our dives. We use our gear and our dive computers to ensure we get the most of every breath and love the feeling of accomplishment after a great dive. But not all divers make the most of their surface interval time. This is especially too bad if you travel to new destinations in order to explore the local dive sites. Whether you are at home or off somewhere new, here are a few tips to spending your surface interval time well.

Make friends

I find that surface intervals, especially when I’m on a dive boat, are a great time to make new friends and get to know fellow divers! When travelling solo, or simply leaving my non-diving friends to do a couple of fun dives, I always end up having incredible conversations with my dive buddy for the day and the other divers on board.

Get enough rest and water

Naturally, your surface interval time should be spent to give your body the rest it needs after diving. This is especially important if you are planning another dive once it is over. Make sure you relax, and that you stay sufficiently hydrated throughout your diving break. If you are on a dive boat, do pack enough water and snacks to keep you well-fed and hydrated while above the surface.

Stay within your limits

A quick reminder in order to minimize your surface interval time and ensure that everything goes smoothly; always dive within your limits, regularly check your dive computer and plan your dive well with your dive buddy.

Be wary of swimming

If you are in a tropical destination, I know how tempting it is to jump back in the water during your surface interval to simply float a little, or just get a little swim in. Make sure that you do not dive (even free diving) below the surface if you do, as this can affect your surface interval time. If you must go in the water, stay on the surface the whole time.

Research the area

This one goes for those longer surface interval times, such as before flying. Whether you are in Bali, Mexico or England, there are bound to be plenty of online resources to give you some inspiration for fun things to do nearby. A surface interval doesn’t have to be spent lounging on the couch, and a quick online search will do the trick! Whether you prefer dining at newly opened restaurants, finding off-the-beaten-path gems, or checking off attractions from your bucket list, there is bound to be something to do nearby.

About the Author:

Lisa Stentvedt is a travel blogger and writer from Norway. Follow her adventures on her blog Fjords and Beaches and on Instagram.

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