Have you heard about PADI Club? PADI Club is the perfect place for scuba divers to come together and share their love of exploration. It’s a great way to make new friends who share your passion, learn new skills, sharpen existing ones, and get sweet discounts on PADI Gear, courses, and trips to discover new dive sites around the world. Watch and read on to hear from some of our Club members and find out why divers love PADI Club

What is PADI Club?

Quite simply, it’s the world’s largest community of ocean lovers gathered around their passion for diving. 

We asked some PADI Club members what their favorite benefits are, and here’s how they replied.

A group of 13 smiling scuba divers on a boat posing with a white life ring with the ocean in the background

➡️ Finding a Diving Community

It can get pretty lonely as a newbie diver, especially when your friends don’t share the same passion for the underwater world (not yet, at least!). As part of PADI Club, you can stay connected with other divers, enjoy community meetups, or sign up for fantastic dive trips.  

That’s what PADI Club member Ken M. enjoys the most:

“I’m from halfway across the globe, and what I love about PADI Club is it keeps me connected to the diving community around the world. In my country, the diving community is basically non-existent. PADI Club allows me to interact with divers, learn, and inform me on new developments. The PADI Club trips are also a fantastic perk!”

Angela G. had this to say:

“The discounts on learning are great, but my favorite benefits of being a member of PADI Club are being invited to special events curated by PADI, like the Speaker Series and special screenings. It’s so much fun to connect in person with other people that love diving and make new friendships. Now that the pandemic is over, I’m looking forward to being involved in other events, like the Harbor Cleanup, local PADI Club dives, and other initiatives that I can contribute to.”

And Steven K. also loves the connection aspect of PADI Club:

“As an older boater and diver, the Club keeps me connected to diving…activities, gear, and training.” 

Group photo of divers underwater in La Paz Mexico

➡️ Access to PADI Club Special Events

Another benefit for members is PADI Club special events, such as our Speaker Series. 

We recently featured PADI Ambassadiver and underwater stuntwoman Liz Parkinson, and Mina H. said this: 

“Well, I loved the meeting with Liz Parkinson and the details of every aspect of it.”

Fernando G. is also a fan:

The Speaker Series is a great opportunity to learn from key people in the industry that are happy to share their experiences and provide us some tips to make more enjoyable future travel and diving… Looking forward to the next Speaker Series.”

➡️ Free Subscription to Scuba Diving Magazine

One of our Club members’ favorite perks of being a PADI Club member is receiving a free subscription to Scuba Diving magazine, including its digital archives. 

Club member M.G. loves it, too: 

“I joined PADI [Club] because of the unique travel information and Scuba Diving magazine. I enjoy the in-depth articles and look forward to each issue.”

So does Fernando G.:

“I have also enjoyed the dive magazine with a wealth of articles, places to visit, and pictures. As an avid diver and UW photographer, I have enjoyed the pictures, techniques, and tips shared in the articles. I have seen how the advice has helped me to become a better photographer as well as a more conscious diver.

three issues of scuba diving magazine, a PADI Club benefit

➡️ Saving the Ocean

Your PADI Club membership directly supports global ocean conservation, as 5% of every PADI Club membership goes to the PADI AWARE Foundation™

That’s a cause that is close to Club members’ hearts, as Hannah D. tells us:

While I haven’t had the opportunity to dive the past couple years, I have stayed with PADI Club to not only stay connected with the world of scuba diving, but as someone who has always felt drawn to the ocean and cares about ocean conservation, it is the best way to stay informed about the work being done to protect our oceans.

➡️ Other Benefits, Gifts, and Discounts

There are many more benefits to being a PADI Club member. You can enjoy discounts on PADI apparel, get select PADI eLearning programs for 20% off, enjoy a free ReActivate online course to refresh your skills when you’ve been out of the water too long, access exclusive resources from DAN to help you dive safely, save 25% off a new Certification Card, pick out a free, exclusive eCard and much more!

A group of scuba divers and PADI Club members pose for the camera underwater in Belize

PADI Club is for Everyone

This isn’t just a community for experienced divers. All divers are welcome, from absolute beginners to seasoned sea explorers. 

Cynthia M. took advantage of PADI Club to refresh her skills:

“For me, I value the camaraderie and look forward to seeing familiar faces. As you know, last year was the first time I had dove in over 20 years, and everyone took such good care of me. I am so grateful.

Being part of the PADI Club community is also an excellent opportunity for dive professionals, like John K., owner of Desert Reef Outfitters and IDC Instructor: 

“I joined the PADI Club way back when because I was not involved in the diving community. Being a member of the Club has helped me make new dive buddies, friends, and long-time business associates.”

You might even find that PADI Club inspires you to further advance your career in scuba diving, like Instructor candidate Stephen Atkins: 

“Being a PADI Club member really gives me the feeling of being an ambassador of the ocean. Just before our 1st Club trip to the Florida Keys last year, I had become a Divemaster. During the trip, I saw firsthand what joy it brought to all those around me. New divers seeing a turtle or a nurse shark for the first time. Veteran divers working together to clean up the ocean with PADI AWARE’s Dive Against Debris program. I then realized I’d like others to share this experience, so I am going to take the Instructor Development Course in June to help bring this reality to others. I really owe it all to the PADI Club.

A female scuba diver waves to the camera underwater in Belize while on a PADI Club trip

Join PADI Club

If you’re still undecided, see what Angela G. had to say about why divers love PADI Club:

“What keeps me coming back is the overall commitment to excellence and the value that PADI Club continues to bring to the dive community through inclusion, training, interactive activities, quality programs and programming that elevates the diving experience all around. When you feel engaged in community, you become part of the community, and you also want to share that with other people.

So what are you waiting for? Join PADI Club today – we can’t wait to see you there! 

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