Scuba diving is one of the fastest growing activities in India, and with thousands of kilometres of coast line to explore, there has never been a more exciting time to dive in!

India is home to diverse underwater topographies and an abundance of incredible marine species from tiny critters through to manta rays. India’s west coast is home to some of India’s most iconic dive sites and many others that are still waiting to be discovered.

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If you are planning to take the plunge on India’s west coast here are some of the top spots that you won’t want to miss out on!


Best known for its white sand beach, Malvan is home to beautiful coral reefs which boast a healthy array of hard and soft corals. Look out for patches of lettuce corals and anemones nestled among the reef. You’ll find a good mix of reef fish at Malvan with some of the most common species including butterflyfish, Moorish Idols, anemone fish, damsel fish and serjeant majors, which seasonally cover hard surfaces with their vibrant purple eggs.

Malvan’s easy dive conditions and sandy bottomed sites are suitable for all experience levels, including beginners who are making their first dives on the PADI Open Water Course.


Located towards the south on the west coast is the Kerala region which is famous among domestic and international travellers for is beaches, food and most recently, scuba diving! Kerala is home to several of India’s best dive spots.

If you are planning to visit Kerala for your next dive trip, the best time to visit is from September through to February.


If you want to visit the best of the best for beaches, then Kovalam has the best beaches in Kerala. Underwater, Kovalam has above average visibility for India, varied marine life and healthy and vibrant reefs. If you like underwater photography, Kovalam is home to an array of macro critters, crustaceans and odd shaped bottom dwellers which make wonderful photography subjects.


Also located in Kerala is Kochi, a lesser known dive spot but certainly no less impressive. Kochi offers beautiful corals and stunning marine life which combine to create an underwater kaleidoscope of colours. Common sightings here include anemonefish, angelfish, butterfly fish, colourful parrotfish and look out for spotted stingrays on the sandy patches.


If you have a passion for exploring then Kapu should be on your bucket list of dive spots to visit on India’s west coast! Kapu’s dive sites have excellent biomass and they are conveniently located just minutes from the beach. There is still a lot of exploratory diving taking place in Kapu and we are certain that many more incredible dive sites will be added to Kapu’s dive site maps in the near future!

Murdeshwar & Netrani Island

Netrani Island, which is also known as Pigeon Island, lays just off the west coast of Murdeshwar and offers beautiful dive sites with good visibility. There are plenty of dive sites to visit and some of the most popular include Pebble Beach, Dive Goddess, the Cove, Grotto, Grand Central, T55 and the wreck. The main highlights of diving here are the biomass and diversity of reef fish – and look out for passing hawksbill turtles too!


Goa is the smallest and richest state on India’s west coast and it’s one of India’s best known beach destinations. Travellers from around the world flock to Goa for it’s chilled out vibes, beaches, impressive sunsets and equally vibrant nightlife.

Goa has easy access to the Arabian Sea and as such, diving off Goa includes gliding over lush coral gardens, pinnacles, and a variety of shipwrecks. Some of the most iconic sites around Goa include Sail Rock, Holy Cross, The Jetty and Navy Bay Rocks.

Cuttlefish - Underwater - Marine Life - India

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