PADI Instructor, Jess, shares why this job is addictive

A diving career can be an alluring prospect for many dive enthusiasts. The opportunity to work and travel, dive in tropical destinations regularly and meet divers from around the world, seriously, what’s not to like?

Jess Hannah of Dive Beyond, Dorset, U.K took the plunge several years ago and hasn’t looked back since. “The chilled out lifestyle and fun-in-the-sun-camaraderie of teaching diving is what set my mind on this career.” 

Jess took the PADI Open Water Diver course and then completed her Divemaster while on a trip to Portugal, where she remained for 3 years to build on her diving experience.  

In 2016, Jess decided to further enhance her career by gaining her Instructor qualification.  Before being tempted by palm-fringed teaching opportunities abroad, Dive Beyond snapped her up. 

Now a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and PADI Freediver Instructor, Jess has no plans to go anywhere else. 

“I have fallen in love with UK diving. We have some incredible historical wrecks, drifts and a wide variety of underwater life, there’s truly something for everyone. Plus, U.K conditions are often challenging, making sure we don’t rest on our fins!”

Her enthusiasm for diving is encouraged by Dale Spree, PADI Course Director and owner of Dive Beyond, who Jess views as a mentor. “Dale taught me to own what I do and has given me so many career enhancing opportunities. I just hope that I can do the same for divers I teach!” 

The meaningful and lasting international friendships made through diving with both colleagues and clients alike is what gets Jess up in the morning. “Being around people who share my interest in such a fun, yet technical sport is my privilege.” 

The defining moment of her career was becoming instructor qualified “I’m at home surrounded by diving, especially being accepted and embraced by the diving community, and I can honestly say there is nothing else I’d rather do.” 

In the immediate future, Jess plans to focus on developing the freediver courses at Dive Beyond, offering customers further training, trips and holidays in this sphere. She wants to encourage others to experience the underwater world in this unique way.  “When freediving, it’s just so quiet and calm underwater. I feel totally at one with my environment. Number 1 on my bucket list is to freedive with orcas, and now it’s possible!”

To anyone interested in pursuing a career in diving Jess cautions “it’s addictive!” With so many places available to teach in, various diving qualifications to advance your expertise, and diving adventures to have, life will always be varied and interesting. “Gear up” is Jess’s call to action, “I tell you now, you’ll look back and not regret a single moment of it!!!”

Inspired to freedive in the UK? Find out more here!

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