We must act – and fast – if we want to save the ocean. This is the message behind SeaLegacy and PADI’s new ‘Ocean30’ partnership to accelerate ocean protection. Above all, the goal is to protect 30% of the Ocean by 2030. Globally, this is called the push for 30×30. 

Certainly, as global leaders in marine conservation and advocacy, we know we need to protect our oceans. Now, we’re calling on everyone everywhere to join us for the sake of our blue planet. Yes, that means you, too!

A diver peers through a dazzling coral reef in Indonesia. Photo by SeaLegacy co-founder Shawn Heinrichs.

The Power of Protecting 30×30

Unfortunately, less than 5% of the global ocean is currently fully protected in no-take reserves. Furthermore, the challenges to ocean health get worse everyday. These include harms such as overfishing, plastic pollution, loss of marine biodiversity, warming temperatures and ocean acidification.

Meanwhile, according to science, protecting at least 30% of the global Ocean by 2030 helps to:

  • restore the health of the ocean 
  • provide refuge to remaining wildlife
  • reverse existing adverse impacts
  • increase resilience to climate change
  • sustain ecosystem services to humanity

Cristina Mittermeier, president of SeaLegacy, says, “The benefits of protecting 30% of the world’s ocean are monumental. A well-connected system of highly protected areas will provide sanctuary for disappearing marine species, protect the cultural heritage and provide livelihoods for millions of inhabitants of coastal communities as well as increasing the ocean’s resilience against climate change.”

Protecting 30×30 is critical to all these efforts. So, how do we start?

A Petition to Protect

It is clear that we need more ocean protection. Therefore, SeaLegacy and PADI launched a joint 30×30 campaign to generate immediate, positive action for our ocean. Additionally, this collaboration aims to inspire, support and create meaningful change around the globe to meet this important and audacious objective. Furthermore, it will be a multi-year alliance that kicks off with a grassroots campaign and global petition.

So, here’s where you come in. We’re asking the millions of ocean enthusiasts, divers, snorkelers and conservationists in our joint communities to sign our global petition. It urges our world leaders to adopt the 30×30 target at the UN Biodiversity COP15 Conference in the Fall of 2022 which will take place in Kunming, China. We’re calling for an agreement to conserve and protect ‘at least 30% of sea areas globally through effective, equitably managed, ecologically representative and well-connected systems of protected areas.’ 

Long-Term Goals for Lasting Change

Beyond the initial petition, SeaLegacy and PADI will work together to boost meaningful marine protection around the world for several years. The focus will include the creation and effective management of marine protected areas (MPAs) and biodiversity conservation. Moreover, we will collaborate with local communities and leaders on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

“MPAs are a major piece in the fight against the climate crisis”, Mittermeier says. Additionally, she adds, “We know that change is possible in this decade and that this kind of action will help us make major strides towards healing our ocean and saving our planet.”

Ocean heroes Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier are co-founders of SeaLegacy. They work to protect our planet.

Additionally, Drew Richardson, CEO of PADI Worldwide, adds, “Working with SeaLegacy not only allows us to rapidly grow the global Torchbearer community but also empower[s] us all with meaningful ways to take real, positive action to protect our blue planet – and all life that calls it home.”

Take Action Now to Protect Our Ocean

In conclusion, we’re in this fight for the good of all people and living things. Will you join us? Will you lend us your signatures, your voices and your passion for ocean life?

Here’s how to help:

  1. Firstly, sign the petition at only.one/ocean30 to protect 30×30.
  2. Then, use this Social Media Toolkit to share on your social media channels and encourage your friends to do the same. In short, the more people who sign the petition, the stronger our collective voice will be. 
  3. Finally, stay engaged with the SeaLegacy and PADI partnership for additional ways to get involved. We need your help!
Half the image shows a vibrant reef, and the other half an empty ocean. Text superimposed calls for signing a petition.
We can change the narrative of our seas! Global leaders will meet at the Convention on Biological Diversity to decide on the future of our ocean. Add your voice and urge world leaders to commit to protecting 30% of the ocean by 2030. #Ocean30

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This blog’s featured image of a whale shark was created by Sea Legacy co-founder Cristina Mittermeier.

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