Becoming a mermaid might be something you’ve always dreamed of, or it might be a certification you’ve only recently learned about. Either way, there are some pretty spectacular images going around social media featuring PADI Mermaids. If you need a little inspiration to sign up for a PADI Mermaid course, check out these six images. We’re pretty sure you’ll be heading to your nearest PADI Mermaid Center by the end of this article.

1. Mermaid Twinkle Singing the Song of the Sea

mermaid images to inspire
Image Credit: Laura Hudson / @mermaid_twinkle

2. Full Send Little Mermaid Vibes

3. Part-Time Waterfall Chaser / Part-Time Mermaid

inspiring mermaid images
Image Credit: @guardianofthesprings

4. Light Up the Nights as a Mermaid

5. When Paris Dreams and Mermaid Dreams Collide

inspiring mermaid images
Image Credit: @floriadarling / @remibarthas

6. Mermaid Elle Showing Us How Its Done

inspiring mermaid images
Image Credit: @themermaidelle

Feeling inspired yet? Dive in and start your PADI Mermaid certification today. 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️

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