The mermaiding movement is growing and PADI has big plans for teaching the way the world learns to mermaid. Not only are people around the world now able to become official PADI Mermaids (and even build a career with it) through completing the PADI Mermaid courses, but we are also supporting the growing demand for competitive mermaiding. 

1. Mermaid Performance Competitions (South Korea)

Hosted by PADI Dive Center Carib Dive Center alongside Daejeon Expo Aquariam, PADI mermaids from all over Korea (and other countries in Asia with travel restrictions permitting) will descend to show off their mermaiding skills at the end of 2022. The most beautiful underwater sports competition the world has ever seen will challenge mermaids in their breatholding skills, artistic underwater movements and mermaid personas. 

2. Mermaid Photo Competitions (South Korea)

South Korea’s largest water park, Caribbean Bay, just got a whole lot more mer-magical, with the addition of PADI Mermaid experiences open to all visitors – from children to adults. They have big plans to host the first PADI Mermaid Festival ever in Korea, which includes mermaid photo competitions for participants. 

growing rise of mermaiding in asia

3. Guinness World Record 2021 (China)

In May 2021, 100 PADI Mermaids set the official Guinness World Record for the world’s largest underwater mermaid show at the Atlantis Sanya Resort’s Ambassador Lagoon. The PADI Mermaids flapped their colorful tails underwater in complete synchronization and solidified that the mermaid movement is officially here. Yan Lou, PADI’s Greater China President explained that mermaiding “took off in China like wildfire”. Watch the world record performance here. 

4. Miss Mermaid International (Worldwide) 

The competitive mermaiding scene is growing, with Miss Mermaid USA hosting annual events that judge participants in three categories–costume, breath-hold and elegance underwater. The trend is taking off, with it now evolving to Miss Mermaid International and inviting the world’s best mermaids to take place in an annual competition. 

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