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Freediving - Deep Week Bali
Photos supplied by Adam Stern

Last month, more than 100 freedivers came together in Amed, Bali to take part in the largest PADI Freediver course in history!

‘Deep Week’ as it’s become known was organised and hosted by 5 x Australian Freediving Champion Adam Stern. He was joined by 80 students and 25 instructors determined to learn and improve their freediving skills.

Freediving - Deep Week Bali

Each day, students attended workshops on a range of different freediving topics and dived in Jameluk Bay, trying to reach greater depths on a single breath with greater comfort.

In between workshops, everyone had the opportunity to explore some of Amed’s world class dive sites – like the USAT Liberty – and of course there was plenty of time for fun (and dancing).



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