With every purchase we make, we vote for the kind of world we want. That’s why, in 2019 we launched PADI LOVES™. PADI LOVES is a curated marketplace featuring sustainable and eco-conscious products for those of us who love water and the planet.

PADI Loves Being a Force for Good.

We live in an era of ‘stuffocation’ –  a feeling of being oppressed by the amount of one’s belongings. However, it is increasingly difficult to understand the true impact of our consumer decisions. So PADI makes it easier for divers to make smarter consumer choices by offering safer, sustainable alternatives to what we are already buying. We feature brands in our marketplace website that share our ocean ethos and enable us to protect what we love.

Check out some PADI Loves brands below:

Stream2Sea: An eco-conscious skin care line that is healthy for us and our planet. Learn more about the importance of sunscreens without oxybenzone.

Stream2Sea Sustainable Sunscreen Shop for in the PADI Loves Marketplace

Trshbg: A revolutionary and highly functional hip bag made from recycles materials that allows every diver to become a Torchbearer for our blue planet, cleaning up the ocean on every dive.

Glacial Bottles: These BPA-free, reusable and undeniably stylish water bottles with PADI branding are designed for those who prioritize their health – and the health of the planet.

Glacial Bottles in the sand, refillable bottles sold in the PADI LOVES Marketplace

Gili Bags: Upcycled, hand-made mesh bags perfect for water lovers. These bags are designed to stand the test of time and are perfect for gear that’s often wet.

Gili Bags for scuba gear made sustainably as sold in the PADI Loves Marketplace online

Indosole: Durable footwear with soles made from repurposed tires, delivering high-quality environmentally friendly sandals for travel, adventure and lifestyle.

Nat Geo Books: Books that inspire us to fall in love – and protect – the oceans. From authors like Sylvia Earle and Brian Skerry. Find more ocean-inspiring books.

Nat Geo 100 Dives book in PADI Loves

Guppyfriend:  A laundry accessory that helps reduce the number of plastic microfibers that get flushed through washing machines and enter our rivers and oceans.

PADI Loves Providing Sustainable Alternatives That Protect Our Oceans.

Rather than offering ‘stuff for stuff’s sake’, PADI Loves introduces authentic solutions to the issues facing our oceans. For example, our marketplace products address issues like ghost gear, plastic pollution, and ocean acidification.

And we are just getting started. Presently, we are partnering with more companies that create eco-conscious products and develop sustainable practices we can all stand behind. We can’t wait to share what’s in the works. Be a Force for Good, buy these pieces and more on the PADI Gear online marketplace.

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