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Halloween is just around the corner, which means you’ve been binging on horror movies and scary stories all month. Everyone loves to think about how they could survive a horror movie. By now we’ve all learned to never split up or investigate abandoned buildings, but we think scuba diving can teach us an extra thing or two about how to survive. In addition to 60 feet underwater being a great place to hide, here’s our list of scuba-enhanced skills that will make sure you live to dive another day:

  1. First Aid: If you get hurt, you won’t make it far if you can’t take care of the injury. The Emergency First Response course is there to prepare you. Since you might sprain your ankle running through a dark forest or have to tend to a stab wound, the EFR course will teach you what to do and help keep you calm under pressure. You’ll know how to splint injuries, deal with bleeding, and handle your friends going into shock. Not succumbing to your injuries is the first step to making it through the night.


  1. Finding supplies: You might need a few things to survive your horror movie. Maybe you need to search around for bandages, a flashlight, or other gear. Or you might have dropped your cell phone and car keys while fleeing. Whatever you need, the PADI Search and Recovery Diver course will help you find your way to it. You can double up on this skill by taking a Navigator course to help you find your way around in the dark.
  1. Zombie management: The Zombie Apocalypse Diver specialty is our most tailored course yet for surviving a horror movie. Since zombies hordes are so infectious, you’ll need some specific training to deal with them. The Zombie course builds off of the other skills by incorporating object search and recovery and training divers in zombie-specific first aid. Scratched or bitten? The 28-page survival manual will help you know how to handle these high-risk wounds. This unique course will keep you ahead of the game when the disease takes hold.

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  1. Finally, one don’t: Don’t try to gather photographic evidence. The Digital Underwater Photographer course is great for tracking down creatures like the Loch Ness Monster, but when used in a horror movie, cameras will get you targeted by ghosts 100% of the time. Paranormal Activity, the Blair Witch Project, and all the other found-footage movies have proven that cameras will not help you survive and should generally be avoided.

Watching Scary Horror Movie

Plague of the undead? Teenagers going camping? Whatever it is, we hope these skills will help you survive your movie plot. Let us know if you’ve seen any movies where diving could have saved the day. Happy Halloween!

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