Do you like dressing up for Halloween? Love the ocean? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for an assortment of costume ideas for scuba divers –  including DIY Halloween costumes for kids and adults.

Show your diver pride! Be a scuba diver for Halloween

scuba diver t-shirt

It’s easier than you might think…

  • Start with a plain black sweatshirt and pants. Or, buy a shirt with dive equipment printed on it. For ladies, there’s a swimsuit cover up with a scuba gear design, and for guys and youth there’s a t-shirt. 
  • Hang a mask and snorkel around your neck. 
  • Spray paint soda bottles to look like tanks. Use twine to create straps and wear like a backpack. Read more about the DIY scuba diver costume.

Are you crafty? Make your own jellyfish costume

If homemade scuba tanks aren’t enough to show off your DIY talent, have a go at making a jellyfish costume. You’ll wow all your friends and/or ruin a perfectly good sombrero in the process.

Here’s an alternative that’s less time-consuming: jellyfish costume made using an umbrella. Add a string of lights for a fun nighttime effect.

Costumes you can wear diving

If you want a costume that can be worn under the water, there’s a company that makes a mertail with shark fin. For a realistic fin you can swim with, see The MerTailor.

mermaid tail

For an easy topside costume: simply don a red beanie, eyeglasses and a pipe. Voila! You are Jacques Cousteau. For added effect, put on a long-sleeve denim shirt and a French accent.


If it’s underwater heroes you like…

 .      .  

There are numerous Finding Nemo and Finding Dory costumes for adults and kids. Yes, there’s even a Finding Dory costume for men* and a pretty amazing Hank the Septopus costume for kids Grown ups will have to make do with a septopus hat.

*this should come with a “Good Sport” award.

Are you into non-traditional fish?

Go for the full-body catfish costume. Or, imagine the entrance you can make dressed as this large, tusked, marine mammal: I am the walrus!

Want the scuba-equivalent of the creepy horse head mask? Go for the creepy fish head mask.

For fans of the movie Jaws, Think Geek makes a shark mask complete with protruding scuba tank and Quinn’s hand.

Speaking of Jaws…

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Treat Bag


There are shark costumes for all shapes and sizes including costumes where the wearer looks as though they’re being eaten by a shark. Choose from head sticking out or feet sticking out.

Gory? Nah. Consider your costume as a conversation piece about why sharks are important and need protection. Encourage folks to visit to learn more. By the way, if you are in the U.S. and purchase anything from Amazon via one of these links, Project AWARE benefits.

Show everyone your true nature

A crown + a trident + a bathrobe… who would dare say you’re not King Neptune? For something more kingly than a bathrobe, order a tunic online. Might want to get a beard also, it’s probably too late to start growing one.

If you like shiny things and not walking very far, a mermaid costume might be for you. Or the always-classic Disco Diver.

They even make scuba diver costumes for dogs

Note: we do not condone dressing up pets in costumes for human amusement… but we reserve the right to laugh.

However you choose to express yourself this Halloween, we wish you a fun and safe holiday.

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