In this article, we meet George Vandoros of Greece, Tec Deep Instructor, Tec Trimix Instructor, Tec Rec Cave Instructor, Tec SideMount Instructor, Trimix Gas Blending Instructor, IDC Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor, Rebreather Instructor Poseidon MKVI/SE7EN and Hollis Explorer. Vandoros was interviewed by a member of PADI staff, and this article was originally published on the TecRec blog on January 28, 2013.

After 3 hours into the Vouliagmeni cave

What is your background and current involvement in diving?

I started diving in 1997 when I participated in an underwater photography workshop at the university where I was studying. After that, I was hooked for good. I have never stopped diving since and doing courses for myself. I do participate in cave and wreck explorations in Greece. The last two years, I have also been involved with rebreather diver, and I am in the level of CCR Cave Trimix. I work as a full time TecRec Instructor all over Greece.

How did you get into tec diving?

Naturally. It was just in the way I feel about diving. Going deeper, staying longer was always my goal, and I am still pursuing it.

Into Amfitriti Cave

Do have any specialized areas of interest?

Caves are my thing. I do enjoy caving and cave diving. Exploring new caves, or pushing caves further is something I feel nice doing.

What do think the greatest challenges are in this kind of diving?

The inability to breath without mechanical support was and will always be the greatest challenge. In an overhead environment, there is no space for luck. Being ready to face any problem is the main goal at any time.

What are the most important attributes of a tec diver for the type of diving you do?

Well, being a mature person, with passion, patience and clear goals will make a diver successful.

Into Karavomilos Cave

What are the most likely mistakes a tec diver can make in your kind of diving?

Push the limits further than what they are ready to face….

How do you prepare for a demanding technical dive?

I just work all the preparation parts of this dive by myself without trusting anyone else.

What were your best tec diving experiences?

Exploring deep caves with the team I belong and working as a team.

What influences your selection of dive gear?

Having good quality service in my area…

Rebreather Training on the MKVI

What kind of person do you want diving on the same team as you?

Someone that has the same goals as me and is able to work in a team as a member.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting into tec diving?

Find the right reasons and take thing slowly, getting quality training and not just wall certificates.

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