Sharks. You either want to dive with them all or you’re just not interested. While shark diving isn’t for everyone, it can certainly be one of the most memorable and exhilarating experiences to have underwater. The moment you cross paths with a shark, your perception of them changes. Instead of feeling afraid you realize that they’re actually more scared of you, than you are of them.

Being one of the most misunderstood and powerful creatures in the ocean, there’s no doubt as to why divers jump at any chance to see a shark underwater. If you’re one of the many divers wanting to see a particular shark species underwater but don’t know where to go, we have you covered – just keep reading!

Whale Sharks

It’s no surprise why whale sharks are one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) sharks to dive with. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean growing to an incredible 12 meters/40 feet. These filter feeders can be found in deep and warm water all over the world, year round. Here are some destinations where you’re likely to spot these majestic beauties:

Bull Sharks

Bull sharks are one of the most adaptable species of all sharks. They can survive in both salt and fresh water and can be found in most coastlines throughout the world. Although they’re known as one of the more aggressive sharks, they are incredible creatures to see underwater and shouldn’t be missed. Growing significantly smaller in size than great whites and tigers, bull sharks can reach up to 4 meters/13 feet. If you’re curious about seeing this intelligent shark species underwater, here are the best destinations:

Great White Sharks

Great white sharks (also known as white pointers) are possibly one of the most misunderstood species of all sharks. Growing to an impressive 6 meters/20 feet and weighing up to 2 tons, there’s no doubt as to why these fascinating creatures are at the top of the food chain and on every divers bucket list. Great white sharks can be found in temperate and tropical waters from Mexico to Australia, and everywhere in between. Here are some of the top places around the world to dive with great white sharks (with or without a cage):

Tiger Sharks

Named because of their unique stripes and impressive hunting style, tiger sharks can be found in tropical and sub-tropical regions. These beautiful marine animals can reach up to 5 meters/16 feet in length and can weigh up to 635 kg/1,400 lb. Tiger sharks are ferocious hunters that even dolphins and whales try to avoid, so it’s no wonder why they’re known as one of the most dangerous fish in the sea. If you’re wanting to admire these mesmerizing animals underwater, here are some of their frequented locations:

Hammerhead Sharks

Distinctly known for their impressive dorsal fin and hammer-shaped head, hammerheads are a favourite among divers. Nothing quite compares to being underwater and looking up to see a school of over 100 hammerheads pass you by. This endangered species can sometimes be hard to be find however, you’re likely to spot them in enormous schools in the below locations:

Zebra Sharks

Are you wondering what a zebra shark is? They’re a beautiful shark known for their large tail and distinctive spots resembling a zebra. Zebra sharks can be found in shallow coral reefs and tropical waters, all around the world. If you’re wanting to see a zebra shark underwater, here are some of their known places:

Other Notable Shark Species

Did we not mention a shark species that you’re wanting to dive with? Here are some other notable sharks and the best known locations to dive with them:

best places to dive with sharks thresher

Want to start crossing off diving with some of these amazing shark species from your bucket list? Locate a PADI Dive Shop and start your underwater shark adventure today!

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