Cenote Dos Ojos

There are so many terrific dive sites around the world, how do you choose where to go diving next? Whether you want to explore ship wrecks, meet freshwater creatures, or wonder at gorgeous coral formations, there are plenty of dive sites for you to choose from.

We’ve compiled a collection of some of the top dive sites in North and South America. You may not realize just how many dive sites await in your own backyard.


Dive Site Name Location
Dutch Springs Dutch Springs, Pennsylvania
Homestead Crater Midway, Utah
Blue Heron Bridge Palm Beach, Florida
Blue Grotto Williston, Florida
Clear Springs Scuba Park Terrell, Texas



Dive Site Name Location
Porteau Cove British Columbia
Whytecliff Park Vancouver, British Columbia
Morrison Quarry Quebec
Lake Chaparral Calgary
Ogden Breakwater Victoria, British Columbia


Dive Site Name Location
Palancar Gardens Cozumel
Cenote Dos Ojos Quintana Roo
Jardines Playa del Carmen
Paradise Reef Cozumel
Santa Rosa Wall Cozumel


Dive Site Name Location
3 Rocks Dominican Republic
Roatan Roatan, Honduras
Black Coral Wall Utila, Honduras
Canyon Dominican Republic
Airport Caves Utila, Honduras


Dive Site Name Location
Ilha dos Papagaios Praia do Sonho, Brazil
Chichiriviche de la Costa Caracas, Venezuela
Ilha Grande Ilha Grande, Brazil
Ilha das Cabras Ilha das Cabras, Brazil
Ilha do Arvoredo Ilha do Arvoredo, Brazil


Which of your favorite dives sites are missing? Let us know in the comments.

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