Rebreathers used to just be for technical divers and the military, but all of that’s changed.

Thanks to newer, user-friendly designs, now recreational divers can use rebreathers as well with many divers finding they actually prefer rebreathers to open-circuit units because of the following benefits:

  • Very little to no bubbles: How many times have you wanted to get up close and personal with marine life, but couldn’t because of the sound of your exhaust bubbles? Rebreathers exhaust very little to no bubbles, which will allow you to dive silently without alarming fish. This silence is also great if you plan to take videos or photos underwater.
  • Longer dive times: Rebreathers recycle the gas you exhale, which means that it lasts a lot longer than it would in an open-circuit unit. Even small cylinders usually allow you to dive between two and three hours.
  • Warm and moist gas: When you breathe, wouldn’t you rather have it feel natural? With rebreathers, you won’t develop that cotton-mouth feeling because the recirculated gas is warm and moist.
  • It’s something new: As a scuba diver, you’re also looking for a challenge, so why not take the PADI Rebreather Diver Course and learn a new skill?

For more information view our PADI Rebreather Course page.

To find a Rebreather Diver Course near you, contact your local PADI Dive Shop.

PADI Rebreather DiverPADI Rebreather DiverPADI Rebreather Diver
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