For many, solo travelling is the epitome of happiness and freedom. Travel anywhere, anytime, for as long as you like. Dive wherever and whenever, while staying in one of the best dive resorts for solo travellers. We’ve covered this topic worldwide, taking you all the way from Egypt’s colourful Red Sea to Raja Ampat for diving with pelagic life. We’ll also drift over to Koh Tao in Thailand and cover Mexico’s top solo traveller resorts, too!

But first, here are a few tips to bear in mind when it comes to solo travelling and why you should never, ever, dive alone. And, if you’re interested in liveaboard travelling over dive resorts, we have an article for the best liveaboards for solo travelers as well.

Top Tips to Keep In Mind

  • Travel alone, but never, ever, dive alone. While travelling alone can be freeing and awesome, the same does not go for diving. Remember to adhere to all your training standards and always dive with a buddy (unless you are certified as a Self-Reliant Diver). Dive centres will often pair you up with another guest onsite who is also solo travelling or the odd person out in a group, or you may meet others you’d love to buddy up with. Many locations always require a Divemaster or Instructor to dive with you, too.

  • Look for guest houses, dive hostels or dive-centric resorts. Guest houses and dive hostels often provide a more intimate accommodation style, with various common/shared areas where you’re bound to meet new people to hang out with or buddy up with for diving. On the other hand, dive-centric resorts allow guests to focus on scuba diving, meeting other like-minded travelers in the process.

  • Always provide an emergency contact. Dive centres will always ask for an emergency contact on booking forms for any emergencies that may occur. It’s always best to leave more than one method of contact for your emergency contact, such as an email and a phone number.

  • Steer away from honeymoon destinations. Dive resorts in popular honeymoon destinations, like the Maldives, are more often than not populated with couples. This might not be ideal for solo travellers. However, if you’re not bothered about the resort’s typical audience, then head wherever you please, honeymooners or not!

Now onto the fun stuff!


Plunge down into the cargo holds of the infamous SS Thistlegorm Wreck in Ras Mohamed or drift down the Straits of Tiran alongside reef sharks. Egypt‘s magical underwater history is enchanting for solo travellers, often attracting digital nomads and hardcore dive travellers. From spa resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh to camping on the beach in Marsa Alam, Egypt holds some of the best dive resorts for solo travellers in the world.

Dive Resorts with Communal Areas

  • Marsa Shagra Diving Village, Marsa Alam. This dive resort’s location is ideal for those waiting to visit Egypt’s famous sites, like Elphinstone and the the Thistlegorm Wreck. It’s one of the best dive resorts for solo travellers, if you are looking for a diving-centred trip. Also, the resort offers beach-camping accommodation options.
  • Dahab Divers Hotel & Dive Center, Dahab. Right in the centre of Dahab and in front of the Lighthouse house reef, Dahab Divers includes friendly prices as well as cosy outdoor communal areas. What’s more, the hotel, dive centre and restaurant blend into one, providing seating areas to mingle, and there are often mixed groups of solo divers to bond with.

Dive Resorts with Spas

  • Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort & Spa, Sharm El Sheikh. Switch off and relax in Reef Oasis’s luxurious onsite spa on your days off from diving. Offering saunas, massages, deluxe scrubs, and more, it’s an ideal spot for those looking for time to unwind. The variety of restaurants and bars onsite are comfortable for solo meals and evenings, too, with striking views of the Red Sea.

Raja Ampat - Indonesia - Islands


The Indonesian archipelago is vast and generous in its variety of dive sites and marine life. Many solo travellers rave about Bali for meeting likeminded individuals to bond with. While those searching for marine-life focused vacations may want to venture to Raja Ampat, Sulawesi or Komodo to float within the biodiverse waters of the Coral Triangle.

Chilled-Out Environments

  • Hibiscus House, Bali. This family-owned, eco-conscious resort is situated in northwest Bali. The resort features Balinese-style open air bathrooms and kitchens, plus a large pool ideal for sunbathing. There are also luscious gardens surrounding the villas boasting native bird species. In addition, the hotel’s pool tables and their trips to Bali Barat National Park and Menjangan Island are great for meeting other solo travellers.

Diving-Focused Locations

  • Meridian Adventure, Raja Ampat. The Raja Ampat region of Indonesia is home to the highest marine biodiversity in the entire world. It’s safe to say Raja Ampat is a magnet for pelagic and macro life lovers focused on getting the most out of their diving vacations. Furthermore, the flexibility offered by Meridian Adventure with no set arrival or departure days and no minimum number of nights makes this one of the best dive resorts for solo travellers who want more flexibility in their stay.
  • Siladen Resort and Spa, Bunaken & Siladen. Situated in Bunaken Marine Park, dives here more often than not include tonnes of reef fish, hard and soft coral forests and lush reef walls. With a marine park status, the preserved environment attracts sharks and rays, too. Decompress after diving with onsite cooking classes, enjoy locally sourced food produce (bread, vegetables and more), and even aloe vera from the resort’s plants!



Although Thailand and its islands are hot spots for party-goers, dive enthusiasts know some of the best reefs in the world are located in the country’s waters. Dive resorts in Koh Tao provide a wonderful melange of stunning diving and chilled-out, on-shore vibes.

  • Koh Tao Simple Life Resort, Koh Tao. Divers with a passion for nightlife often flock to Thailand’s Koh Tao. Surrounded by vibrant pinnacles and reefs, diving around the island can often include sightings of whale sharks and turtles. In addition to the diving, bars and restaurants are within walking distance from this resort, with plenty of options for enjoying a solo meal. Alternatively, head to local spots or backpacker hangouts to meet other travellers on the island!
  • Assava Dive Resort, Koh Tao. With super friendly prices, Assava is a simplistic Thailand escape. In addition to private rooms, this resort offers dorm rooms perfect for meeting others on backpacker budgets.

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Take in all the tranquility and luxury that a well-deserved solo trip to Mexico can provide by staying in some of the best all-inclusive diving resorts in the world. The Caribbean sea is brimming with rays, dolphins and more alongside year-round warm waters. Resorts rage from all-inclusive options in Cozumel to unique, eco-conscious locations in Playa Del Carmen.

Luxurious and All-Inclusive

  • Presidente Intercontinental Resort & Spa, Cozumel. Dive days in the Arrecifes de Cozumel Marine Park are good enough on their own, but throw in Presidente’s top-notch, all-inclusive restaurants and bars, and you’re in for a treat. Here, you can team up with other vacationers at the putting greens and tennis courts. Alternatively, spend your days spotting sharks, eagle rays and dolphins, then end them resting in a luxurious beachfront room.

Diving Focused

  • Scuba Club Cozumel, Cozumel. With ultimited diving on the house reef, you quite literally won’t have time nor energy to spend hanging out with any other travellers here! This is a simple, comfortable, and affordable resort in Cozumel. Dives here are guaranteed to provide spectacular marine sightings at local sites with epic 35-meter (114-feet) visibility.

Top Notch Eco Conscious Spots

  • Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, Playa Del Carmen. This resort has a 5-Star PADI Dive Center within walking distance, which can take you to explore mangrove forests, cenotes and more. Aside from diving, the resort’s boats river tours, their micro animal sanctuary and the available beachfront massages from the onsite Eco-Spa are sure to help you relax. Whether you want a quiet holiday alone or are interested in meeting new friends, this resort is an ideal choice for eco-conscious Mexican luxury.

Ready for Your Next Solo Adventure?

Wether you’re still unsure of the perfect location for you or want to find out more about room options at any of the above resorts, the PADI Travel team are on hand 24/7 to help.

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