“If you really love something, you’re going to do everything you can to protect it”


The Problem

ONE MILLION species are at risk of extinction within our lifetime, more than ever before in human history. This is because of changes to our climate, how we use and develop land, and how we take resources from land and sea. In the ocean, we’re also overfishing, polluting and mining for resources in ways that damage the places plants and animals need to live.

The Solution

We can reduce stresses on the ocean by creating MPAs, or Marine Protected Areas, which are like national parks on land, but in ocean or coastal areas. Protecting important areas—like coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove swamps or the breeding areas of endangered species and fish we rely on for food—will allow the ocean to continue to sustain us and help everything living in it adapt better to climate change.

In 2021, the United Nations will set goals for protecting life on the planet over the next decade. Together with the global surf and sailing communities, we’re asking them to fully and highly protect 30% of the global ocean by 2030. Through the Torchbearer Community, engaging content and global reach, we can convert our passion for the ocean into purpose and save the ocean for ourselves and future generations of PADI Divers.

The Impact

The benefits of 30×30 are estimated to be upwards of US$500 billion, this includes fishing and new job opportunities through tourism and recreation. A healthy ocean = a healthy us; in addition to oxygen and food, we rely on the ocean for our livelihoods, medicines and mental wellness. 30×30 will help ensure equitable access to the ocean and its resources for all people and nations.

Protected areas of the ocean speed up the recovery from disaster events like hurricanes or oil spills. 30×30 will also help preserve the sacred places of cultures linked to the ocean, which is vital to maintaining our human identities through traditions and perspectives that can offer solutions to humanity’s challenges.

We must pass on a healthier ocean for future generations to experience and enjoy.

Be part of the solution: join forces with surfers, sailors and over 50+ other watersports communities and ocean stakeholders to call for full and highly protected marine protected areas covering 30% of our shared ocean by 2030.

Sign the petition at weareoneocean.org

Dive Deeper

For further discussion, check out our Torchbearer Q&A with Reece, SVP Ocean Responsibility at the World Surf League.

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