Far out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies Pohnpei – a charming, naturally-rugged island that no one you’ve met has ever visited, or perhaps even heard of. But why?

Pohnpei, a paradise island deep in the Pacific

The myth of Pohnpei’s creation goes like this: One day, God created a tropical island just north of the equator, protected from the rest of the world by miles and miles of open ocean. It was to be the most beautiful island on the planet. He gave it lush, garden-like hills and forest-covered mountains in which he hid an innumerable number of waterfalls and brightly-colored birds. Then he endowed the coastline with lofty palm trees, miles of golden sand beaches and multi-colored coral gardens.

Once finished he stood back and surveyed his work. ‘What an incredible job!’ he thought to himself and as a final touch, removed most of the beaches and replaced them with mangroves.

An authentic destination untouched by modern tourism

It’s true, Pohnpei’s white sand beaches are few and far between – though they still exist for those who know where to look. By not having miles and miles of beaches, Pohnpei has also avoided hoards of tourists, chain hotels and lines of high rise apartment blocks littered along the coast. Instead, this island offers crystal clear waters, unique black corals, magical hiking trails and a thriving manta population. The best part? You’ve got it all to yourself.

If you’re an adventurous diver looking for an off-the-beaten-track destination for your next dive holiday, then this could be the one for you!

Still unsure? After all, how do you really know what you’ll find when you step beyond the typical tourist trail?

By asking the locals of course! With the help of skilled photographers, experienced surfers, PADI divers and all-round ocean-lovers at Pohnpei Dive Club, here’s an insiders look at the wonders that could await you…

Awe-Inspiring Scenery

Explore the shallow green lagoons of Ahnd Atoll, 10 miles offshore from Pohnpei main island (Photo Credit Brad Golden)
Pohnpei main island is surrounded by mystical mangroves and peaceful rivers (Photo Credit: Allois Malfitani)
Float above Palikir Pass, one of the many dive sites in Pohnpei (Photo Credit: Allois Malfitani)
Soak up the best views of each evening’s sunset at Cupid’s Bar & Grill – one of many restaurants to enjoy (Photo Credit: Swilly)

Abundant Marine Life and Colorful Coral Reefs

Marvel at Pohnpei’s soft corals inside the lagoon (Photo Credit: Hartup)
Admire pastel colored corals on the surface (Photo Credit: Allois Malfitani)
Dive the drop off at Ahnd Atoll channel (Photo Credit: Swilly)
”We see dolphins almost everyday outside the reef on our way to the dive sites” – Pohnpei Dive Team (Photo Credit: Swilly)

Dreamy Rainbows and Sunsets

Discover treasures at the end of the rainbow – just another amazing day on Pohnpei’s reef! (Photo Credit: Swilly)
Witness deep red sunsets framed by Sokehs Rock, just a stone’s throw from the dive center (Photo Credit: Swilly)
If you visit Pohnpei Dive Club and check into the Mangrove Bay Hotel, this will be the view from your room! (Photo Credit: Swilly)
The best way to spend your day in Pohnpei, with the Pohnpei Dive Club (Photo Credit: Kotch)

Hidden Waterfalls, Hiking Trails and Mangroves

Spend an afternoon paddling around the hotel mangroves, listening out for the sounds of nature (Photo Credit: Swilly)
Kepirohi Waterfall on the way to Nan Madol, one of the 40 waterfalls Pohnpei has to offer (Photo Credit: Swilly)
Hike to the top of Sokehs Ridge for amazing views and WWII bunkers (Photo Credit: Swilly)
Clamber around cannons abandoned on Sokehs Ridge during WWII (Photo Credit: Swilly)

Crystal-Clear Bays and Secret Beaches

Head to Nan Madol Ruins by boat and peer into perfectly clear seas (Photo Credit: Swilly)
Snorkel in any of Pohnpei’s real-world fish tanks! (Photo Credit: Kotch)
Take a break at Ahnd Atoll (Photo Credit: Allois Malfitani)
Having a day off in Pohnpei means a trip to Ahnd Atoll (Photo Credit: Swilly)

To learn more about Pohnpei Dive Club and experience this paradise for yourself, click here!

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