Sometimes, we all just need a good ‘pick-me-up’. Here are just a few ways in which scuba diving can deliver the antidote to life’s ups and downs and help you feel great about yourself again.


Assuming you’re not jumping into the sardine run for a thrill-seeking challenge, the underwater world has a wonderfully calming effect on the mind. For many divers, the ocean is a go-to destination for escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life . It’s a soothing place where buzzing phones, over-flowing in-trays and domestic worries feel a million miles away as your mind focuses on marine life, corals and colours. If you want to take your inner peace to the next level, try giving underwater meditation a go on your next dive.


From joining up with your buddy and sharing dive stories with the other guests, to impressing non-divers with your exciting tales from the ocean, scuba diving is a sure-fire way to explore common interests and forge connections with those around you.

Two Divers


As those who have progressed their diving to professional ratings will know, it’s incredibly satisfying to teach other people to dive. The look on a student’s face when they first descend, spot their first turtle, or finally nail that buoyancy control is priceless. All PADI® Pros know the feel-good factor that comes with helping someone overcome their fear, or setting them off on their career path. Becoming a PADI Instructor can bring massive reward for divers who want to give back to a sport they’re passionate about.


If you pair up your diving skills with a higher purpose (like cleaning up marine debris, or rescuing marine life) then you’ll know that you are helping to protect the ocean for generations to come. Not only is that an awesome thing to do for planet Earth, it’s undoubtedly going to make you feel great about yourself, too.


Scuba diving is not just a way to relax after a busy week – it can promote wellbeing on a much deeper level – physically and mentally. PADI AmbassaDiver Gary Green overcame Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after discovering the underwater world. P.T. Hirschfield, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago, talks about how scuba diving makes her feel alive, “Scuba gave me the incentive to get well—the idea of getting underwater motivated me not to give up, lie in a corner and die, as they said I might.”

PT Hirschfield
PT Hirschfield


Every time we kit up and jump into the water, we’re learning – and not just when we complete our PADI courses. Every minute spent below the waves is an opportunity to discover new marine life, explore new wrecks, hone our photography skills – or even soak up inspiration and advice from your buddy. By learning, we’re stretching and enriching our minds – and that’s a fast-track way to feeling on top of the world.

If you’re looking for a little feel-good factor in your life, then visit your nearest PADI Dive Center or Resort to jump into scuba diving.

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