shutterstock_107935817With Christmas finally here, Santa Claus is reviewing the Nice vs Naughty list during his surface intervals and checking who will be getting scuba presents this year. So how has 2016 been for you? Have you been good enough to get a gift? Are you a Scuba Goody Two Shoes or Diving Bad Boy? Find out with our festive quiz…

Have you remembered to log every dive you’ve completed?

a) Absolutely, my ScubaEarth account is chocka-block full!
b) Most of them, most of the time….
c) Maybe… sort of…. no… not really….

 Did you wash your kit after every dive?

a) Yes! The rinse bucket is prepared and ready – every piece of kit diligently washed down, polished and carefully stored!
b) I do clean my regs and BCD, but I must admit my mask is going a funny colour and there is definitely a strange smell in my wetsuit…
c) Nope. My kit bag reeks.

Did you make sure you learned a new scuba skill this year?

a) Yes, I took extra training from a PADI Pro to ensure I was at my very best!
b) I read some cool articles on the PADI Facebook Page
c) I rely on random titbits of scuba misinformation my mate tells me at the pub….

Did you do your bit for the environment this year?

a) I donated to Project AWARE and supported their amazing 2014 campaigns!
b) I picked up trash during my dives and helped AWARE whenever I could
c) *silence*…. (Hangs head in shame)….

Have you developed your Fish ID skills?

a) I know every fish in the sea! I am a Fish Nerd – and proud!
b) Yes! I know my codfish from my codpiece
c) That’s a wrasse. And that’s a wrasse. And that’s a wrasse…

How many dives did you manage this year?

a) Way more than last year – I am on a diving roll!
b) Pretty much the same as last year
c) Yikes, I am drying out – get me to the water immediately! did you do? Scroll down for the results…


Christmas Greeting


Mostly A…

Santa Claus is very happy with you – you’ve been a good diver and your stocking will surely bulge with scuba presents! With scuba dedication like this you are probably diving all year around! Check out the ScubaEarth Featured Destinations to see where you could be diving next!

Mostly B…

Good work! You’ve kept a solid performance up all year and Santa will make sure there are some nice diving goodies waiting for you! If you need to find out how best to push your diving to the next level, check out the list of PADI courses you could take next year!

Mostly C…

Oh dear, Santa’s little scuba elves are quietly weeping into their mince pies. At this rate, there may be nothing but lead weights for your stocking – but don’t despair, there is still time to get back into Santa’s good books: the PADI ReActivate program will get you back into the scuba swing in no time!


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