PADI AWARE Foundation, along with the PADI community of Torchbearers and Mission Hubs, have successfully:

Created PADI’s Blueprint for Ocean Action

PADI and PADI AWARE Foundation built and committed program resources to the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action, a 10 year plan to support the global goal to protect at least 30% of the ocean by 2030. Learn more about our conservation strategy here.

Secured a Global Win for Vulnerable Sharks

After nearly three years of collaborative campaigns from ocean advocates around the world, 51 countries and the European Union have agreed to place an immediate two-year ban on catching and retaining Atlantic short-fin mako sharks.

Launched the New Mission Hub Community Grant Program

To further support communities around the world in advancing the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action, the PADI AWARE Foundation has launched the new Mission Hub Community Grant Program. The cornerstone initiative is designed to accelerate participation, education and advocacy for ocean protection. Over 60 applicants applied to the first round this winter. The PADI AWARE Foundation will provide over $1 million in financial support to local communities by 2024.

Advanced Ground Breaking Marine Debris Research

PADI AWARE, in collaboration with partners The Ocean Conservancy and CSIRO released a second research paper using surveys submitted by divers through the Dive Against Debris citizen science program.

The scientific paper is the second collaboration using information collected in real-time from beach clean-ups and Dive Against Debris seabed surveys to identify marine debris hotspots and to try and understand causes. This research is the first of its kind, using long-term global datasets from over 115 different countries.

Supported Over 50,000 Conservation Actions Across 80 Countries

Together, our community successfully aided and reported over 600 entangled marine animals through the Dive Against Debris Program.

Raised Funds to Restore Seagrass and Mangrove Habitats

Through our partnership with The Ocean Foundation’s SeaGrass Grow Program, PADI Travelers raised over $2150 to restore seagrass and mangrove habitats, sequestering over 100 tones of carbon from the atmosphere and counting.

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