I had fun compiling this list. It’s made up of my top 40 accounts on Twitter for scuba divers to follow. Criteria for selection were that they are active and involved. I’ve steered away from accounts which have an auto RSS/Facebook feed, unless they were exceptional. These are accounts where you can have an actual conversation and are in no particular order. So, let’s dive in!

Twitter for Scuba Divers: Training & Safety

Mask Defog - Twitter for Scuba Divers

Twitter for Scuba Divers: Underwater Photography

Scuba Communities to Follow

Twitter for Scuba Divers: Holidays/Vacation Sites


Scuba Magazines To Follow

Dive Industry Services To Follow

ProjectAWARE - Twitter for Scuba Divers

Twitter for Scuba Divers: Conservation

Scuba Gear Reviewers to Follow

Divers to Follow

  • @scubadivergirls – follow the girls as they dive the world. Follow @scubadivergirls
  • @Rich_Underwater – Dr Richard Smith has a degree in pygmy seahorse biology. Follow @Rich_Underwater
  • @shawnheinrichs – Underwater Photographer, Marine Conservationist, Shark & Manta Defender. Follow @shawnheinrichs
  • @redlipblenny – Isabelle is a Professor of Marine Ecology. Always tweeting interesting facts. Follow @redlipblenny
  • @Paul_Rose – Paul is the VP of the Royal Geographical Society and a diver who does some really cool stuff. Follow @Paul_Rose
  • @Manuel_Bustelo – Manu is a PADI AmbassaDiver promoting ocean conservation in Europe. Follow @Manuel_Bustelo
  • @Robertoochoahe – Roberto is a PADI AmbassaDiver exploring the underwater world and Tweeting about it. Follow @Robertoochoahe
  • @AnnieCrawley – Part of the PADI AmbassaDiver team, this ocean artist is on a mission to teach kids to dive. Follow @AnnieCrawley
  • @BiminiSharkGirl – Jillian is a PADI AmbassaDiver who teaches kids about sharks and their superpowers. Follow @BiminiSharkGirl
  • @KhalidAlrazooqi – Khalid is a PADI AmbassaDiver in Dubai, exploring the Middle East underwater. Follow @KhalidAlrazooqi
  • @MirandaKnature – Miranda is a PADI AmbassaDiver and nature TV & radio presenter in the UK. Follow @MirandaKnature
  • @eochoaScDive – Edgar is a PADI AmbassaDiver and passionate conservationist. Follow @eochoaScDive
  • @watermelodie – Melodie is a PADI AmbassaDiver and cave diver in Mexico. Follow @watermelodie
  • @MartynaSkura – Martyna is a PADI AmbassaDiver, PADI Instructor and travel blogger from Poland. Follow @MartynaSkura
A snorkeler freedives amongst golden jellyfish

Tourist Boards to Follow

Tourist Board feeds can be a bit predictable. However, this one is exceptional.

  • @Queensland – photos, news and ideas from where the rainforest meets the reef. Follow @Queensland

Other Scuba-Related Accounts to Follow

  • @oceanexplorer – virtually explore the ocean from the comfort of your laptop. Follow @oceanexplorer
  • @RichardBranson – a diver and a shark lover who talks utter common sense. Follow @RichardBranson
  • @MBARI_News – Monterey Bay’s research institute posts the most fascinating deep water videos. Follow @MBARI_News
  • @NatGeo – For fascinating wildlife info and travel info, you can’t beat National Geographic. Follow @NatGeo

So, this concludes my top 40 twitter accounts. They’re my personal recommendations, and there are many more incredible accounts joining Twitter by the moment! Dive in and join the scuba diving community conversation on social media.

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This blog was originally written by Jackie Hutchings and published on the Diviac Magazine.

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