New to PADI or scuba diving in general? If so, you’ll likely want to create your very own PADI account to get started enjoying the many benefits of being a PADI Diver.

Most people create a PADI account to access their PADI eLearning® online training. You’ll need a PADI account to start your course, but that’s just one of the many things you can do with one. This single sign-on recreational diver account is available on desktop and mobile. Your account makes it easy to:

padi ecards

Join PADI Club With a PADI Account

Another benefit of a PADI Account is having the ability to join PADI Club™, a global community of scuba divers and a great way to save money on scuba diving courses, accessories and events.

PADI Club™ members get a 25% discount on physical replacement cards as well as a free eCard (one per year). Other PADI Club benefits include:

  • A free subscription to Scuba Diving magazine
  • Invites to exclusive online and in-person events
  • 20% off most PADI eLearning courses
  • 20% OFF PADI Gear
  • Free access to the online scuba refresher program known as ReActivate® 
  • As well as discounts from PADI’s partners

Whether you’re somewhat new to diving or ready to get active again after some time away, PADI Club is a great value. Read these recent testimonials from PADI Club members:

“I joined PADI Club in 2020 when I first started diving as a way to stay connected with the world of diving and ocean conservation. While I haven’t had the opportunity to dive the past couple of years, I stayed with PADI Club to remain connected with the world of scuba diving and because I have always felt drawn to the ocean and cars about ocean conservation. It’s the best way to stay informed about the work being done to protect our oceans.”
Hannah D. –  PADI Club member

“Club keeps me connected to diving…activities, gear, and training.”
Steven K.  – PADI Club member

“The discounts on learning are great, but my favorite PADI Club benefit is the special events curated by PADI (like the speaker series and special screenings). Being a member makes me feel like family. My other super favorite benefit is Scuba Diving magazine. I LOVE it! The photos are amazing. It’s such a luxury to be able to flip through the pages of a beautiful magazine nowadays and not only read but see all the places I dream about visiting, all around the world.”
Angela G. – PADI Club member

A man sits on a beach while using his tablet to study a course with PADI eLearning

Login or Create a PADI Account

If PADI Club membership isn’t for you, a free PADI account still offers a lot of great benefits. You can track your progress as a diver and have all your important diving info in one place. Sign in to your PADI account here.

Don’t have a PADI account yet? Sign up here.

Need help logging in? Contact PADI Customer Support.

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