Unlike clothes, electronics, or other items that will one day end up in a bin, scuba diving is an experience your recipient will never forget. Give the gift of adventure for a loved one’s birthday, wedding, graduation, retirement or other meaningful event — PADI gift certificates make it easy.

Many people say they’ve always wanted to learn to scuba dive, you can make that dream come true. Alternatively, if someone wants to continue their scuba education, a PADI gift certificate can help them on their way. You could also purchase an online scuba refresher course for a friend, partner or family member who used to love diving but hasn’t been in the water for a while.

You can gift nearly any PADI course, including: Open Water Diver, PADI ReActivate® and the most popular PADI specialty courses.

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How To Give a PADI Course as a Gift

Most PADI Dive Shops offer gift cards in any amount. Search for a PADI Dive Shop near you or the location where your loved one lives. A dive shop associate can advise you on the amount. 

If you’d like to purchase a PADI gift certificate that can be used worldwide, a PADI eLearning® course is your best option. As the name implies, PADI eLearning is an online training program. There is an additional cost for in-water training for most courses (but not all). The cost varies depending on the course and dive shop location. Learn more about eLearning or read PADI eLearning FAQs.

How To Gift a PADI eLearning Course

  1. Choose an eLearning course from the PADI course catalog
  2. Log in or create a PADI account to purchase
  3. From your Dashboard, click on Student Details then Manage Your Courses
  4. Click Share the Course and enter the gift recipient’s email address
  5. Your PADI gift card will be sent immediately

padi gear gift card

PADI Gear Gift Cards

If a PADI course is a little more than you want to spend on your gift, consider a PADI Gear gift card. Help your recipient get equipped for their next adventure. PADI Gear has rash guards, towels, changing mats, headware and more. Please note, PADI Gear gift cards can not be used to purchase PADI Pro Gear or scuba training

Looking for other affordable gift ideas for scuba divers? Check out these articles:

How To Give the Gift of a Scuba Diving Experience

If you’re not sure if your gift recipient will like scuba diving, a Discover Scuba® Diving (DSD®) experience may be the best option. PADI doesn’t offer gift certificates for Discover Scuba Diving, so you’ll need to contact a dive shop directly.

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