Just finished a PADI program and want to know how to download your PADI eCard™ ? Want to buy an eCard as a gift for someone else? Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about PADI eCards.

What is a PADI eCard?

The PADI eCard is an electronic version of the traditional, plastic diver certification card. You can download it to your phone, so you’ll always have your scuba certification with you.

Are PADI eCards Free? 

PADI eCards are included with nearly every PADI course. You’ll receive an eCard for all new certifications except for:

Students 10 to 13 years of age may access their eCard through the PADI App or via PADI.com after signing in with a guardian email address.

PADI certifications went (almost) 100% digital on 10 January 2023. If you received a certification prior to this date, you can purchase an eCard to carry with you on your phone or other mobile device.

Which Design Will I Receive With My Course?

By default, you’ll receive the standard eCard design with a blue, gold or black face featuring the PADI logo. If you want to have a more personalized card, you can choose to purchase one of the limited edition designs, featuring wildlife images created by globally recognized photographers.

A mobile phone with a PADI eCard on screen

How Do I Buy a PADI eCard?

To buy a PADI eCard for a certification issued prior to January 10, 2023, visit PADI.com or contact a PADI Dive Shop near you

Please note: If you want to buy an eCard for someone else, you must order it through a PADI Dive Shop. You cannot buy an eCard for another diver using the online system.

How Much Do PADI eCards Cost?

Contact your local PADI Dive Center or Resort for pricing, or purchase a PADI eCard online.

Before you decide to buy, don’t forget that PADI Club™ members get a free eCard every year. You can choose from three exclusive designs:

  • A zebra shark,
  • A baby sea turtle
  • Or, an ornate eagle ray. 

How Do I Access My PADI eCard?

First, wait for an email notification from PADI — it should arrive within 24 hours of completing your training program. Once you receive the email, you may access your eCard via PADI.com or from the PADI App. If more than 24 hours have passed, check your spam or junk folders and any secondary email addresses you may have.

Do I Need a Physical PADI Certification Card?

Good question. Many divers have a physical certification card as a backup:

  • In case you forget your phone
  • If you don’t want to bring your phone on the boat or to the dive site
  • For areas with weak or non-existent internet

Physical PADI certification cards are made from recycled materials. Click the button above to buy on online, or contact your PADI Dive Center or Resort

PADI Club members receive a 25% discount on one plastic certification card per year — in addition to many other discounts and benefits. If you’d like to take advantage of this benefit, be sure to sign up for PADI Club before purchasing your card.

PADI eCard and plastic card

How Do I Download My PADI eCard?

There are two ways to access your PADI eCard(s): via PADI.com or from the PADI App. 

Access Your eCard via PADI.com

Visit learning.padi.com/certifications. Log in when prompted. If you used PADI eLearning, it will be the same email and password. On the left, you will notice a tab for all your certification cards.

View Your eCard in the PADI App

  1. Download the PADI App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Log in with your PADI account information. If you used PADI eLearning, it will be the same email and password.
  3. Select the PADI eCards button.
  4. Click Update.

Do PADI eCards Expire?

No, PADI eCards do not expire. 

Your eCards are linked to your PADI account and available in perpetuity. If you become a PADI Club Member and discontinue your membership, you get to keep the free eCard you received.

Why is My PADI eCard Not Showing Up?

Try these troubleshooting tips.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Confirm the email address doesn’t have a blank space at the end (this often happens with autofill). Type the email address in manually and/or turn off autofill.
  • Restart the device, open the PADI App and select the PADI eCards button. Click update.
  • Remove and redownload the PADI App, restart your device, login and select the PADI eCards button. Click update.
  • Update the device to the latest version of Android’s operating system or Apple’s iOS.

Still Can’t Access Your PADI eCard? 

After trying the steps above, if you can’t download your eCard, please contact customer service at your local PADI Regional Headquarters using the appropriate email address below:

In your message, please include the following information:

  • Full name (first, middle and last name)
  • Date of birth
  • The email address used to log in to the PADI App 
  • Certification level of the eCard you’re trying to access

Additional Resources

Still have questions about PADI eCards or certification cards? Check out the resources below or contact your local PADI Dive Center or Resort.

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