PADI Club costs USD $49.95 per year. That’s the very simple answer to the topic of this blog post – how much does PADI Club cost? However, when we dive further into the specifics of whether PADI Club is worth the cost, the answer becomes more complicated. In fact, for most divers, PADI Club is essentially free.

In this article, we’ll discuss the actual cost of PADI Club, the benefits you’ll receive for your annual membership and weigh up whether PADI Club is worth it. (Hint: It absolutely is!)

PADI Club is the world’s largest community of ocean lovers — and we’d love for you to become a part of it, too. As a member, you’ll: 

  • Stay connected with the dive community
  • Enjoy exclusive diving-related discounts
  • Play a role in helping to save the ocean

Let’s dive into the specifics!

A group of female divers pose together on the surface of the ocean in the Maldives for a selfie

What is the True Cost of PADI Club?

As we mentioned above, an annual membership to PADI Club is USD $49.95. The membership begins at the time of purchase and runs for 12 months. At the end of this period, your membership will automatically renew at a cost of USD $49.95, if you have auto-renew turned on. If you don’t you’ll need to manually renew your membership.

But, as we dive into the specifics, you’ll see that the true cost of PADI Club is close to $0 for most divers. That’s because the benefits outweigh the membership costs. 

For example, if you intend to take a PADI continuing education course in the next 12 months, you’ll save 20% off most courses with PADI Club membership. This discount equates to USD $43.20 if you purchase the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning course or USD $44.80 if you purchase the PADI Rescue Diver eLearning course.

In addition, you can save up to USD $56 on a new PADI eCard (all Club members get one free eCard with exclusive designs) or 25% off one new physical PADI certification card. Combined with the eLearning discount Club members receive, these two benefits together more than pay for the annual PADI Club membership fee.

Diving even further, we could also point out that Club members save on scuba refresher courses, get a free subscription to Scuba Diving magazine, and enjoy a range of discounts from PADI partners among many other benefits. All of this adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings over 12 months of PADI Club membership. 

Image from a recent PADI Club trip to Belize showing a diver exploring the coral reef off the coast of that country

Is PADI Club Worth It?

Yes, PADI Club is worth it for most divers. The USD $49.95 annual membership fee more than pays for itself. In particular, joining PADI Club is a good decision for:

  • Divers who will take a PADI continuing education course in the next year.
  • Divers who want to meet like-minded on PADI Club dive trips around the world.
  • Divers who need a new certification card.
  • Divers who want to get back into diving after a long absence.
  • Divers who enjoy staying up-to-date by reading the latest articles and attending virtual lectures on topics pertinent to underwater explorers.

Basically, PADI Club is a great service for anyone who is a certified diver or who will soon become a certified diver.

five divers stand on the bow of a catamaran boat in New Zealand

PADI Club Benefits

The savings that we’ve mentioned above are just a few of the benefits of PADI Club. Members enjoy:

Plus, 5% of every PADI Club membership fee is donated directly to the PADI AWARE Foundation™ to support global ocean conservation and marine animal protection. 

Joining PADI Club couldn’t be easier. Sign up today by logging into your PADI account and start enjoying all the benefits that come with belonging to the world’s largest community of ocean lovers. 

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