If you’re already a PADI diver, you’ve likely heard about PADI Club™ – the best way to maintain your diver status. This annual subscription gives you access to all kinds of benefits, like course savings, a magazine subscription and, best of all, free or discounted PADI certification cards.

Check out this video for a closer look at the benefits of PADI Club.

But is PADI Club worth it? If you plan to:

  • Buy one eCard (valued at USD $56) in the next 12 months
  • OR buy a physical certification card and take advantage of another benefit

Then PADI Club is absolutely worth it. Let’s explore the specific certification card benefits PADI Club members receive below.

The Price of PADI Club vs. The Value of PADI Club

As of May 2024, PADI Club costs USD $49.95 per year and includes one free eCard per year featuring one of three members-only designs. PADI eCards currently cost USD $56 each, meaning that if you would like to purchase an eCard anyway, PADI Club membership represents an immediate savings.

PADI Club members also benefit from 25% off one physical certification card each year as well as many other discounts and freebies. So, whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced diver, there’s always a good reason to join PADI Club.

padi's newest cert card images

Get a Free, Exclusive eCard

With PADI Club, members unlock access to one free eCard every year. And, as an added benefit, members are able to choose from three designs that are exclusive to PADI Club. Current images include:

As we mentioned above, this benefit alone boasts a value of USD $56 – more than the annual membership cost of PADI Club!

a padi certification card showing a baby squid

Baby Squid in Black Water

This unique photograph, taken by Chong Ken Keong (AhKen) during his first black water dive at Janao Bay in Anilao, Philippines, encapsulates the rare beauty of marine life. Ken describes the moment as “very lucky” and expresses his joy at capturing such a rare creature on camera. He emphasizes the importance of preserving our oceans, stating, “Our ocean is at risk… I hope we all play our part to protect our ocean and preserve healthy marine ecosystems for a sustainable future.” This digital card not only serves as a certification but also as a reminder of the beauty and fragility of underwater life.

a padi certification card showing a giant pacific octopus

Giant Pacific Octopus Opulence

PADI Club members are in for a treat with the introduction of a new digital certification card, showcasing a stunning image of a Giant Pacific Octopus, captured by Andrey Shpatak, a seasoned underwater photographer in the Sea of Japan‘s Rudnaya Bay. This photograph, taken in June 2023, features a moment when the octopus, initially camouflaged against a rock wall, leapt into the water column upon spotting the diver. Shpatak, who has been diving in these waters for over 40 years, reflects on the experience, saying, “The sea constantly fuels our interest; it always finds a way to surprise us with something we have not seen before.” According to the photographer, his image is an invitation to explore the underwater world with respect and wonder.

a padi certification card showing a mako shark at sunset

Sunset Mako

This breathtaking image of a mako shark was photographed at sunset off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico by Niklas Manger, a dedicated underwater photographer from Germany. This image captures a rare moment when, after an initially unsuccessful shark dive, Manger and his team encountered the shark amidst a pod of dolphins. Nik reflects on this serendipitous encounter, noting, “The water was greenish but clear, with the setting sun and the last light beams. It created a wonderful atmosphere.” This digital card symbolizes the beauty and urgency of ocean conservation, embodying Nik’s belief that, “Every diver and underwater picture gives this magic underwater world a voice.”

25% Off a New Certification Card

PADI Club members also enjoy a 25% discount (a value of approximately USD $14) on a physical certification card once a year. This benefit extends the opportunity to refresh outdated certification cards, replace lost ones, or complement a digital eCard with a physical counterpart. 

Whether seeking to update credentials for a new adventure or collecting cards to show off on the next PADI Club trip, this discount empowers members to conveniently access their certifications in a format that suits their preferences and needs.

How to Claim Your PADI Club Benefits

Once you’ve joined PADI Club, you can access all your benefits by logging in to your PADI account and accessing the PADI Club Benefits page

In order to claim the 25% off a physical certification card, you’ll need to purchase the card as normal by visiting padi.com/certification-cards. Before checking out, simply enter the promo code provided to you on the benefits page.

To avail yourself of the free eCard benefit, on the PADI Club Benefits page, find the free eCard section. Click on the button that says ‘Get Free ECard.’ Then, pick which certification you would like to apply your free eCard to and choose the image that you like the most. Finally, hit ‘Redeem’ and your card will automatically load.

A hand holds up four PADI certification cards padi club certification card benefits

Other Available Savings for PADI Club Members

Remember that the amazing certification card freebies and discounts are just two of the reasons PADI Club is worth it. Divers can also benefit from:

Plus, 5% of every membership fee is donated directly to the PADI AWARE Foundation™  to support global ocean conservation and marine animal protection. 

Join today and start taking advantage of your PADI club certification card benefits today!

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