You know you just had your PADI card somewhere in your wallet or gear bag, but somehow it’s disappeared! It happens to the best of us, and there’s no need to panic. The good news is that you can easily order a new physical certification card made from recycled materials or an eCard on Not only are all the traditional card designs available, but you can also choose one of the new and exciting image options, too.

Whatever your style regarding your dive certification card, there are plenty to choose from. Below, we’ll cover why you might need a replacement certification card, and simple instructions on ordering a new one. Plus, we’ll discuss the difference between a physical card and an eCard, if you’re deciding between the two.

Why Do You Need a Replacement for Your Certification Card?

You may be wondering, why would you need to order a new PADI dive certification card? Here are a few reasons:

  • You’ve changed your name
  • You’ve lost your original certification card
  • As a back-up for your PADI eCard
  • To support PADI AWARE
  • You’re an adult but still have a Junior Open Water Diver card*
  • You love collecting PADI C-cards!

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Physical Replacement Cards vs. eCards

Your certification card is your passport to explore the world below the surface and proof you’ve successfully completed PADI training. Carrying your certification card with you helps you to verify your diver training level with dive centers around the world. But which certification card is best for you – a physical card made from recycled materials or an eCard?

Physical cards are essential in remote areas without internet access. Plus, they’re waterproof (unlike many mobile devices). So, if you’re planning remote dive travel, such as on a liveaboard, you should consider a physical card option.

With a PADI eCard, whenever you have your smartphone, you’ll have proof of your certification. Use the PADI App to access it instantly after purchase.

Can’t decide? Why not buy both? You can enjoy the benefits of both options and discounted pricing when you purchase a replacement card bundle.

How to Order a New PADI Certification Card

Ordering a certification card (both physical cards and eCards) is easy; you don’t even need your diver number. Just use your name and date of birth to locate your student record online. Alternatively, sign into your PADI account and add a new card to your shopping cart.

Ready to order your replacement card? Head here and follow the instructions for ordering both physical cards and eCards. It’s as simple as that!

You can also order a replacement card through your local PADI Dive Center or Resort. So, if you’re currently on a dive trip, or have a PADI dive center close by, head there for some assistance.

*To upgrade a Junior Open Water Diver card, choose the Junior Open Water Diver certification from your list of certifications. The system will automatically convert your new card to regular (no Jr.) Open Water Diver.

PADI Certification Card Replacement Promotions

While we don’t often run promotions on certification cards, you can receive one free eCard per year (featuring one of three members-only designs) and save 25% on your new certification card by enrolling in PADI Club. PADI Club is your way to stay connected and active as a diver, even when you can’t get in the water! Plus, PADI Club members benefit from exclusive trips and promotions, PADI Gear discounts and more.

Click the button below to join the largest community of ocean lovers!

two padi certification cards sponsored by padi aware showing a family of humback whales and a hammerhead shark

PADI AWARE Replacement Cards

Each year, the PADI AWARE Foundation releases a limited edition card. Every purchase of this design includes a tax-deductible $10 USD donation that funds ocean conservation and marine animal protection. Donations support the Blueprint for Ocean Action – a vision to achieve balance between humanity and ocean. An additional donation for greater environmental impact can be made at checkout.

Ready to Order Your New Card?

Wether you’re changing your name, have lost your original card, or would love a new design, it’s easy to order your new PADI cert card. If you’re inspired and ready to show off a new certification card on your next dive, order yours today.

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