Whether you are looking for information about the PADI eCard™, how to replace your PADI certification card, how to do a PADI certification lookup or how to update the photo or legal name on your card, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn:

  • How to receive your digital PADI certification card (PADI eCard)
  • The fastest way to get a replacement PADI card
  • How much is a PADI certification card?
  • How to update the photo or name on your PADI card
  • How to upgrade a Junior diver certification
  • What to do if your PADI card or eCard hasn’t shown up
  • What does a PADI card look like?

A product photo of five different PADI dive certification card designs for courses including Freediver, Mermaid, and TecRec

What is a PADI Certification Card?

A PADI certification card is your passport to explore the world below the surface, and proves you’ve successfully completed PADI training. It includes information that verifies your diver training level, such as:

  • Your name and birthdate
  • Your diver number
  • Certification level and date
  • Instructor name and number
  • PADI Dive Center or Resort information (if applicable)

What is a PADI eCard? 

A PADI eCard is an electronic version of the traditional, plastic diver certification card, and can be accessed via the free PADI App™ and PADI.com. Like a physical card, the PADI eCard displays all the information instructors and dive operators need to verify your scuba certification.

PADI eCards are an efficient, sustainable, and convenient choice. As well as being quicker to process compared to physical cards, they reduce the use of plastic, which helps to protect and preserve the ocean.

padi ecards

Which Type of PADI Certification Card Will I Receive?

PADI-certified divers and members now receive their credentials with a PADI electronic certification card, the PADI eCard. Previously, divers (whose certifications were processed prior to 10 January 2023) received a physical PADI certification card by default.

In both cases, you can purchase replacements for PADI eCards and physical certification cards.

How Do I Receive My PADI eCard?

As soon as you complete your dive certification or purchase a PADI eCard, it will be available for instant download. There are two pathways to access your certification credentials: through the PADI App and via PADI.com.

To get your PADI eCard:

  1. Download the PADI App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Launch the PADI App
  3. Sign in with the same username and password you use for PADI.com or PADI eLearning®
  4. Select the “Your eCards” button to view your PADI eCard(s)

Alternatively, you can also view your certification credentials via PADI.com by selecting “Sign In” and then “Certifications & Credentials,” or by visiting learning.padi.com/certifications.

a woman holding a phone showing a padi ecard

My PADI eCard Isn’t Showing Up

If you are having trouble downloading your PADI eCard, follow the steps below:

  1. Confirm you have a strong data/internet connection.
  2. Check your email address is correct. (Note that autofill will sometimes add a space to the end of your email address, which can cause issues with your login.)
  3. Ensure your mobile device is running the latest version of Android’s operating system or Apple’s iOS.
  4. Remove and re-download the PADI App:
    For Apple iOS devices
    For Android OS devices
  5. Restart your device, then open the PADI App and select the PADI eCards button.

If the steps above do not fix the problem, contact the customer service team at your local PADI Office. Please include your full name, date of birth, the email address you use to log in to the PADI App, and the eCard certification level you are enquiring about (such as Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, etc.)

What if I Want a Physical PADI Certification Card?

Physical cards are still available for purchase through the Replacement Card process online, or by contacting your local PADI Dive Center or Resort. Physical PADI certification cards are made from recycled materials.

A group of five young scuba divers sitting on the side of a swimming pool before starting their Bubblemaker lesson for kids

PADI eCards for 10 to 13-Year-Old Divers

Newly certified divers under 10 years old will automatically receive a physical certification card. Divers aged 10 to 13 years old will be prompted to sign in through the PADI App or through PADI.com and input a guardian email address to receive their eCard.

Why Would I Need a PADI Certification Card Replacement?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to order a replacement PADI card:

Four of the marine life designs available when ordering a PADI card replacement, including seadragon, turtle, whale, and ray

How to Order a Replacement PADI Certification Card

Lost your PADI certification card? Don’t worry, ordering a replacement is easy; you don’t even need your PADI certification number. Contact any PADI dive shop or order a new PADI card online. In either case, you’ll use your name and date of birth to locate your diver record.

Please note: you can’t order a replacement card online for someone else. To order a new PADI card for someone other than yourself, contact a PADI dive shop for assistance.

How Much Does a Replacement PADI Card Cost?

The cost to replace your PADI certification card varies depending on the card types and designs. For example, some card designs cost a little more because the price includes a donation to support the conservation efforts of PADI AWARE Foundation.  

In addition, the PADI certification card cost from a PADI Dive Center or Resort may differ from the cost of buying directly through PADI.com. This is because all PADI Dive Centers and Resorts are independently owned and operated.

a woman holding a padi certification card with a hammerhead shark on the front

Are There Any Promotions or Promo Codes for PADI Certification Cards?

First of all, you can get a discounted bundle price when purchasing a PADI eCard at the same time as a physical certification card.

What’s more, sign up for PADI Club™, and you’ll receive one free eCard per year featuring one of three member-only designs. PADI Club members also get 25% off a new physical certification card or replacement card once a year. PADI Club is your way to stay connected and active as a diver, even when you can’t get in the water. Moreover, you’ll benefit from loads of other perks, including 20% off PADI eLearning, discounts on PADI Gear™, exclusive dive travel, event invites and a free ReActivate® online scuba refresher program.

What if I’ve Lost My PADI Card and Need a Replacement Fast?

If you completed your certification before 10 January 2023, the fastest way to get a replacement PADI card is to buy a PADI eCard, because you can download it instantly after purchase. If you certified after this date, then you’ll already have access to a PADI eCard (since they now come as standard with PADI certifications).

This means even if you’re waiting for a replacement card to come in the mail, you will always have access to your PADI eCard using the PADI App or by signing in on PADI.com. Physical replacement cards are printed and mailed within two business days, but they can take two weeks or more to arrive, depending on the mail service in your area.

a woman holding a sea turtle padi certification card

Should I Choose a Physical PADI Card or an eCard?

When you complete a PADI certification, you’ll receive an eCard as standard. PADI eCards are instantly available on your smartphone, so you’ll always have your certifications at your fingertips.

However, if you’re traveling to remote dive sites with no internet or charging capabilities, having a physical card is a reliable backup to make sure you don’t miss dives. Plus, they’re made from recycled, waterproof materials – a safer bet if you don’t want to carry your phone on the boat.

If you can’t decide between the two, why not choose both? You’ll also get discounted bundle pricing when you buy a PADI eCard and a physical PADI certification card online.

PADI Certification Card Photos – What You Need to Know

When ordering a new PADI certification card, you have the option to add a new photo. To update the photo on your certification card, please ensure the new image meets the specifications below:

  • Do not wear dark glasses, a hat, or anything that obscures your face
  • Use a photo with a blank background
  • Crop the photo so it only shows your head and shoulders
  • Save the photo as a .JPG or .PNG file
  • Compress the image so it is 4.5MB (or smaller)

It can take up to two days for the new image to appear on your diver record, because PADI Staff must review and verify every PADI certification card photo.

a man holding a padi certification card depicting a 2024 manta ray design

How Long Will It Take for My New Physical PADI Card to Arrive?

Physical replacement cards are printed and mailed within two business days, but delivery can take two weeks or more depending on the mail service in your area. If more than one month has passed since you ordered your card:

and you ordered from a PADI Dive Center or Resort: The dive shop may have your card. If not, ask them to verify the mailing address submitted for your certification. If the mailing information is correct, contact your local PADI Office customer services team (see below).

and you ordered online: Contact the customer service team for your local PADI Office.

Please include your full name, date of birth, and the card certification level you are enquiring about (such as Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, etc.) when you contact customer service.

How Do I Change My Name?

If you’ve had a legal name change, send any relevant legal documentation to the customer services team at your local PADI Office (see email addresses above). Alternatively, you can submit your request online. Once your information has been updated in our system, you can order a PADI replacement card with your new name.

How Do I Get a PADI Card That Doesn’t Say “Junior” on it?

To convert a Junior Open Water Diver certification (or any other Junior diver certification) to an adult certification, simply order a new card. Any replacement cards purchased after the diver has turned 15 years old will not have the Junior Diver designation. When ordering online, choose any Junior certification from your diver record. The system will auto-generate a new card without “Jr” on it.

Three PADI certification card designs in blue, gold, and black, which can easily be replaced if you have a lost PADI card

What Design Will I Have on My PADI Card?

The standard PADI scuba certification card features the PADI logo on a blue, gold, or black background. However, you can choose from additional designs when you purchase a new card or join PADI Club.

How Do I Get a Gold PADI Card?

If you complete your certification with a PADI Five Star Dive Center or Resort, you’ll receive a gold card instead of the standard blue card.

How Do I Get a Black PADI Card?

Black PADI cards are issued for professional-level certifications, such as PADI Divemaster or PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. So, if you want a black certification card, become a PADI Pro!

three certification card designs shown as ecards, only available to padi club members

What Are the PADI Club eCard Designs?

PADI Club members get a free eCard every year, with a choice of three member-only designs:

  • Zebra shark
  • Baby sea turtle
  • Ornate eagle ray

To get your exclusive card design (as well as 25% off a physical certification card), join PADI Club today.

What Are the Limited Edition Designs?

Limited Edition certification cards feature breathtaking marine life images from award-winning underwater photographers. Some designs also include a USD $10 donation to PADI AWARE Foundation, so you can showcase your dive skills while supporting ocean conservation and marine animal protection.

Learn more about the 2024 Limited Edition designs – and the inspirational stories behind them.

Two divers at the beach, one holding a mobile phone and another holding a tablet and both downloading their scuba diving apps

Can I Dive Without My PADI Certification Card?

PADI Dive Centers and Resorts can look up PADI certification records online. However, if you’re diving with an operator that isn’t a PADI Member or if there is a poor or non-existent internet connection, you might miss your dive. It’s better to be prepared and carry your proof of certification with you. Asking the Divemaster to look up your certification on their phone while they’re trying to get the boat loaded and ready to depart is discourteous. Having your certification card or eCard at the ready is the responsible, respectful thing to do.

Do PADI Certifications Expire?

No, your PADI certification, physical certification card, or eCard will never expire; but if you’ve lost your certification card, that may be a sign that too much time has passed since your last dive.

If you haven’t been diving in a while, a scuba refresher program will help you dive into your next adventure with confidence. PADI ReActivate includes a new certification card that shows both your original certification date and the date of your refresher training.

A ReActivated card, which is gained after completing the ReActivate scuba refresher program

How Long is a While?

  • If you haven’t been diving in six months or more and have fewer than 20 lifetime dives, a pool session with an instructor and a knowledge review are strongly recommended.
  • If you’re an experienced diver with 60+ dives in your logbook, you may not need a refresher unless it’s been more than a year since your last dive.
  • Here are seven signs you need a scuba refresher.

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