Searching for the perfect gift for a diver or ocean enthusiast — but on a budget? We’ve got you covered with our range of the best affordable gifts for ocean lovers USD $25. These thoughtful gift ideas are sure to make a splash with your underwater adventurers, without breaking the bank.

Divers love their gear (just listen to any conversation on a dive boat), and they also love almost anything to do with the ocean. So whether you choose a handy piece of scuba kit or opt for more novelty items, like a shark-shaped book mark, you can rest assured that there are plenty of affordable yet great gift ideas for scuba divers.

Below you’ll find the best budget-friendly gifts for ocean lovers. We’re sure there’s something for every kind of diver.

sunscreen ocean friendly affordable gifts

1. Reef-Friendly Sun Protection

A lot of people don’t realize that most sunscreens contain chemicals that may contribute to coral bleaching. And while lots of sunscreens claim to be reef-friendly, many of them actually aren’t. Active ingredients to avoid are Oxybenzone (benzophenone-3), Butylparaben, Octinoxate (Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor. This Stream2Sea Sunscreen doesn’t contain any of these nasties. That’s why it gets our vote for the best coral reef friendly sunscreen.

2. PADI X LEUS Retro Dive Flag Towel

One thing every diver appreciates after exiting water is drying off quickly, especially if it’s cold above or below the surface. Thankfully, PADI Gear offers this stylish towel that does just the job. Working alongside LEUS, the combined team created an eco-friendly answer to drying yourself by using recycled plastic bottles and other PET trash to produce sustainably sourced cotton. Not only does the towel material dry quickly, it also boasts impressive strength, resulting in minimal shedding during washing. This dive flag-adorned towel is also ideal for when you’re changing, staying warm or lying on a beach.

padi red towel

padi gear dry bags freedivers

3. PADI Dry Bag (5L)

Being able to keep your essential items safe and dry during a dive trip is more than worth a sub-$25 USD price tag. The dry bag is capable of holding up to five liters worth of stuff and comes in a choice of three colors: blue, orange and black. It also incorporates recycled materials in its construction to make it a more eco-friendly dry bag choice.

4. Scuba Diving Whistle

Anything that can help a diver draw attention in an emergency situation is a valuable addition to their kit. That’s why this compact and easily carried scuba diving whistle may be worth your investment. At first glance, the whistle looks like any normal whistle. However, closer inspection will reveal a stand-out feature to entice and excite scuba divers — It works underwater!

underwater whistle affordable gift ideas
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padi sunglasses affordable gift ideas

5. Recycled Ocean Plastic Polarized Sunglasses

What if the sunglasses you wear loved the ocean as much as you do? That’s why we adore the Cape Clasps Tikós Sunnies. They are made with 100% recycled ocean plastic frames and have reflective, polarized lenses for clear viewing when you’re out on the water. They’re also flattering and ultra lightweight, meaning you’ll forget you even have them on. Plus, 15% of profits from the sale of these sunglasses goes to support Beneath the Waves research in the Shark Sanctuary in the Bahamas.

6. Shaker Communication Device

A shaker is another handy piece of safety kit which can be used to attract attention underwater. By utilizing a smart design made up of magnets and a ball bearing, the device is able to create a loud echoing sound underwater when shaken. It also includes a built-in lanyard for attaching the device to a BCD. This is definitely one of the best budget-friendly gifts for divers!

a scuba rattle for safety underwater
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100 dives of a lifetime scuba diving book

7. 100 Dives of a Lifetime

National Geographic has certainly sought out some gems in this book, 100 Dives of a Lifetime. The coffee table edition is made up of 100 prime sites which have been carefully selected, reviewed and photographed by this experienced team. Examples include the pristine reefs of Papua New Guinea, the warm waters of the Belize Barrier Reef and the legendary wrecks of Micronesia’s Truk Lagoon. The book has something for every kind of diver (and non-diver). Plus, this tome isn’t just about life underwater, it also includes travel tips and general no-nonsense advice.

8. PADI Bamboo Travel Utensils

A set of reusable utensils is one of the most useful gifts you can give to a buddy who loves to travel. Not only do they help remove the need to take plastic utensils when you’re getting take-out food, they also solve the potential nightmare of not having utensils. In this six-piece set, you’ll find a knife, a fork, a spoon, a pair of chopsticks and a carrying case with a built-in velcro closure.

bamboo utensil set padi affordable gift

man wearing the PADI Manta Ray Recycled Plastic Gaiter in front of the ocean

9. Manta Ray Recycled Plastic Neck Gaiter

Our eco-friendly, versatile, filtered sun shields + neck gaiters are made from recycled ocean plastic with an antimicrobial treatment. These masks are UPF50, washable and come with two PM 2.5 filters. Plus, they are a great gift idea for eco-conscious divers, as each one contains the equivalent of 10 recycled plastic bottles!

10. Diving Mask Neoprene Cover

A cover for a diving mask strap is definitely one of the best budget-friendly gifts for divers. It’s also especially useful for divers who have longer hair. This quick and easily installed mask addition makes sliding the mask over and off your head a more seamless and less potentially painful action. Plus, while there are plenty of one-color options available online, we love this shark-adorned version, which will make identifying your mask much easier.

scuba mask strap cover affordable gifts
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personalized scuba diver stickers affordable gift
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11. Personalized Waterproof 3M Stickers

A set of personalized waterproof stickers is another useful gift idea for the scuba diver who has everything. The budget-friendly stickers make it easy to identify your belongings. Plus, they aren’t just handy for placing on scuba gear, they can be used on all kinds of items that have to be waterproof, such as surfing or kayaking gear.

12. 3D Cartoon Animal Bookmark

Happen to know a diver who also loves to read? We have the perfect gift for them — a shark-shaped bookmark! With its flattened body and 3D head, this bookmark sits comfortably in place and won’t accidentally budge inside a book. The fun item is also one of the best gift ideas for kids who love the ocean.

shark book mark affordable gift idea for divers
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shark fin ice molds
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13. Shark Fin Ice Molds

This shark fin ice mold is the kind of gift you didn’t know was missing from your life. However, once you own it, you’ll be finding any opportunity you can to place one of the fin-topped ice cubes in a drink, so you can watch it gently bob away. This is a popular gift idea for any ocean lover. However, this one will really resonate with the shark lover you know.

14. Narwhal Tea Infuser

Sometimes it’s the small things that can help you through the day. And there are few better examples of this than having a marine animal-shaped tea infuser in your life. Our favorites include the narwhal (Spike), the blue whale (Brew Whale) and the manatee (Mana). These are both eco-friendly and reusable. They make great stocking stuffers or anytime just-because gift ideas. 

genuine tea narwhal tea infuser affordable gift
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Need More Scuba Diving Gifts?

Looking for more ocean-themed gift ideas for scuba divers, freedivers and other water-lovers? Check out our other gift guides. Each one is filled with plenty of gift ideas sure to go down well with your dive buddies. You can find everything from the best eco-friendly gift ideas to the best gift ideas for freedivers.

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