Scuba divers can be a tough group to buy gifts for. This is especially true if you aren’t (yet!) a diver yourself and so aren’t familiar with what scuba divers require or find useful. And even if you are a diver, it’s still possible to struggle when it comes to figuring out what to get that special dive buddy in your life.

But there’s no need to fret, because we’ve got you covered. From snorkeling gifts to goodies for scuba divers, freedivers, and anyone else who aspires to explore the underwater world, this gift guide is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Scroll on to discover more than 60 awesome gift ideas for scuba divers, snorkelers, and underwater adventurers.

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Useful Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers

If you’re not sure what to get, or need to be careful about how much you spend, it’s easy to create a customized grab bag of useful items from the list below. These great go-to gift ideas for scuba divers include a range of essentials that an avid diver should always have on hand!

For example, on a busy dive boat, it’s easy for gear to get mixed up. Scuba gear tags help keep dive gear from walking off with the wrong person. Or, spring straps for scuba fins might be a game changer for your favorite diver. These smart fin additions make it easier to get your fins on and off in a flash. Mask straps make slipping a mask on and off effortless, especially for divers who have to deal with longer hair, and fin keepers help keep to fins secure — including ones that are half a size off. Click on the pictures below to learn more!

wetsuit/drysuit cleaner gift ideas scuba divers
wetsuit hanger best gift ideas scuba diver
personalized gear labels scuba gift idea
bcd id tags gift idea scuba diver
hose clips scuba diver gift idea
fin spring straps
luggage tags scuba diver gift ideas
mask strap cover gift idea
gear ID pens gift idea scuba diver
o-rings gift idea scuba divers
fin keepers gift idea
fin socks gift idea for scuba divers

Gift Ideas for Total Scuba Nerds

You know the type – they have a dive flag decal on their car bumper, a wallet full of PADI certification cards, and a T-shirt that says “I breathe underwater, what’s your superpower?” Here are a few gift ideas to help your favorite scuba nerd geek out even more.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a scuba ornament. Alternatively, you could try a BCD ornament, a scuba Santa ornament or one in the shape of their favorite marine animal — like this octopus.

For something less holiday-inspired, a manatee-shaped tea infuser is sure to go down well with any tea drinker. You can also find submarine and scuba diver tea infusers. Or, a card binder might be the right fit. These gadgets are ideal for organizing or protecting scuba certification cards, diving insurance cards, and more.

Click on the images below to learn more about each item.

hand signal pocket guide book gift idea
personalized diver ornament gift idea
scuba diver car decal gift idea
manatee shaped tea infuser gift idea
card binder gift idea scuba diver

Ocean-Themed Apparel

These functional and often ocean item-adorned garments make great gifts for snorkelers, divers, freedivers and mermaids wanting to show off their love for the underwater world.

With a range of appealing designs to choose from, including parrot fish, sailfish, tiger shark and whale shark-inspired options, Waterlust leggings are sure to be a hit. Each pair of leggings is made from a combination of Spandex and post-consumer plastic bottles, meaning their both comfortable and eco-conscious. Alternatively, if leggings aren’t your thing, check out these fun mermaid-inspired socks.

Or, make sure your favorite diver is prepared for adventure in any type of weather with a PADI Gear jacket. The eco-friendly item is made from 100% recycled materials and features several design elements, which make it ideal for ocean-goers.

These items and more can be found by clicking on the images below.

mermaid socks scuba diver gift idea
be yourself t shirt gift idea
waterlust leggings gift idea scuba diver

Gifts for Scuba Divers Chained to a Desk

Woe is the underwater explorer who is born to dive, but forced to work. These fun gift ideas for scuba divers, including the ultimate conversation starter, an amazing ocean mug or a water bottle for staying hydrated, will help your dive buddy get through the day while reminding their co-workers of this ongoing injustice. Here are our favorites.

marine life covered phone case scuba diver gift idea
scuba stickers gift idea for scuba divers
diver helmet cufflinks gift idea
morphing ocean mug gift ideas
blobfish squishy toy gift idea scuba diver
born to dive t shirt gift scuba diver

Gifts for PADI Pros and Hardcore Divers

PADI Professionals and divers who dive everyday or on a regular basis will get the most benefit from these handy gift ideas. These scuba accessories are ideal for transporting wet wetsuits, creating storage space in your car for traveling with scuba gear or providing protection during post-dive journeys. Others are meant to provide an extra layer of comfort to dive days, like eco-friendly and reusable glow sticks, waterproof socks and scuba tank covers for personalization.

Click through the photos below to learn more about these scuba diving accessories.

changing mat gift idea scuba diver
save a dive kit gift idea scuba diver
collapsible crate gift idea scuba diver
reusable glow stick scuba diver gift
neoprene seat covers scuba diver gift idea
scuba tank cover gift idea scuba diver

Scuba Diving-Inspired Home Goods Gift Ideas

Ocean-themed home goods are great conversation starters and a fun way for scuba divers to fill their home. For instance, divers will love this pasta strainer shaped like the largest animal on earth — but the smart design means it doesn’t take up much space. Or, give them fun, fish-shaped dryer buddies to help save energy, control static and naturally soften fabrics, while being non-stop adorable.

Alternatively, help them stay environmentally conscious with an eco-friendly answer to lunches or restaurant takeaway orders. If simple, glass containers are a little too boring, check out these ocean-themed reusable snack pouches or  colorful reusable drinking straws.

shallow no diving sign decor gift idea divers
blue whale pasta strainer gift idea
pufferfish dryer buddies gift scuba diver
glass food containers gift idea divers

Gift Ideas for Young or Aspiring Divers

Here are some gift ideas for kids who can’t wait to be old enough to get scuba certified, including books for story time for children who read at a beginner/intermediate level and toys that are ideal for encouraging imagination play and growing affection for the marine environment. Alternatively, sign them up for the ultimate family trip everyone will remember forever!

if fish could talk book gift idea scuba
kids camp gift idea scuba diver
scuba diver gift idea lego ocean set

The Best-Selling Gifts for Dive Travelers

These are reliable gift ideas for divers who take pride in their frequent flier mile status. For long flights or liveaboards, you can’t beat a good book. An American Immersion (about the first woman to dive all 50 states), or the classic Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die are both great options.

Another great gift for people who love to travel in general is a portable luggage scale. Or, get them this (home use) large scale, because sometimes that dive bag is too big to lift.

Check out the images below for more ideas!

reef safe sunscreen scuba diver gift ideas
floating pole for action camera gift idea diver
marine rescue gps device scuba diver gift idea
back up cert card gift idea scuba diver
luggage scale scuba diver gift idea
no rinse body wash scuba diver gift idea
diving books gift idea scuba divers
travel adapter diver gift idea
water shoes diver gift idea

For that Special Diver in Your Life

Here are some extra special options if you’re looking to buy a nicer gift (and have the budget for it) for your partner or number one dive buddy.

For starters, you could give the gift of exploration! A PADI gift pass is the perfect gift for a dive buddy who values experiences and knowledge more than things.

Furthermore, some simple gear, like a new dive light, is something most divers would be happy to receive. Even if your friend doesn’t often dive at night, a light is useful for finding critters hiding in holes or under ledges during the day.

If your recipient is an underwater photographer, a strobe or strobe set can be a nice gift. But, be sure to contact your local dive center, because strobes are a particular thing. What others rate highly online might not be right for your local conditions, might not travel well, or may not be suited to your friend’s camera system. Speak to the photo expert at your local dive shop about what they recommend and also ask about their return policy.

Freedivers will appreciate a low-volume mask or a rubber weight belt. Take a look at our selection of the best gift ideas for freedivers.

For an inspirational gift, use photos from favorite dive holidays, of their favorite underwater critters, or even places they hope to go, to create a personalized gift. Shutterfly, Vistaprint and several other companies make it easy to upload photos and customize your calendar.

If you don’t have access to photos or time to make a calendar, choose this scratch-off world travel map. It’s a popular choice year after year.

Alternatively, why not go all out and book your next dive trip? See which exotic dive destinations your local dive shop is heading to in the coming year. And if you can’t find one that suits your schedule, contact PADI Travel to book dive resorts and liveaboards around the world.

dive light scuba diver gift ideas
elearning courses padi scuba diver gift idea
strobe light gift idea diver
low volume mask
create a calendar gift idea for scuba diver
scratch off travel map diver gift idea
next dive beach trip gift idea scuba diver

How to Find the Best Gift for Your Diving Friend

If you’re buying a gift which requires you to choose a size, such as footwear or outerwear, visit your dive buddy’s local PADI® Dive Shop or Resort. They’ll might know the diver’s sizing, gear configuration, and even what equipment they already have. 

Local dive shops also play an important role in supporting the diving community, so it’s always a good idea to shop local if you can!

Still Stuck for Scuba Diver Gift Ideas?

If you still haven’t found the right gift idea for your snorkeler, diver or water lover, there’s no need to fret. We’ve got plenty of other gift guides to get that inspiration flowing. From scuba diver gift ideas to eco-friendly gift ideas, we’re sure there’s something for everyone.

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